You Decide: Are Taylor Swift's Edgy Nails a Dig at Kim and Kanye?

While Taylor Swift has become ubiquitous for many beauty styles — bold red lips and winged eyeliner being the main culprits — we can't say we've ever really noticed her manicures. Don't get us wrong, Taylor's nails have always been clean and impeccable, but she usually sports short, rounded manis. But with the drop of her new single, "Look What You Made Me Do," that has all changed.

Just look what she's made us do — the normally nail-art-averse singer has us zooming in on her manicure. In a teaser for her upcoming video that will premiere at the VMAs, Taylor did a complete style backflip and opted to wear metallic gold claw nails.

Since the shot of her mani also showed Taylor wearing bedazzled snake rings, just about everyone was quick to assume the style was a not-so-subtle dig at Kim Kardashian. This dis would be twofold. For one, during their 2016 feud over Kanye West's "Famous" lyrics, Kim likened Taylor to the snake emoji on Twitter.

The second clue is that just about everyone in the Kardashian clan is known for the extreme length of their (sometimes pierced) manis. Since Taylor ditched her signature nail look for the one Kim's become famous for, many are inclined to believe the style is absolutely intentional.

Of course, a lot of other people wear claw nails, too. Taylor could just be rocking the style because it goes with her video's dramatic aesthetic. Regardless of her intentions, we'll always be fans of beauty experimentation. Do you, Taylor! (But maybe don't eat any more diamonds).