According to TikTok, You're Shaving Your Legs Wrong

I've lost count of the number of times TikTok has let me know there's a better way to do a part of my beauty routine. The list of TikTok beauty hacks just keeps growing — there have been overnight heatless curls with a robe belt, applying fake lashes underneath for a more natural look and a million other ways to improve your eye-makeup application, and so many more.

Shaving your legs is one of the latest beauty tasks to get the TikTok treatment. It turns out that even though I've been doing this basic part of my routine for way longer than I'd like to think about, there's a "better" way. According to TikTok user Lauren Henderson, she's found a shaving hack that makes it quicker and easier and leaves you with zero cuts, nicks, or rashes.

Henderson's shaving trick is super easy. Rather than using your razor to do a section of your leg at a time, lifting it off your skin and then replacing it back on your leg as you start a new section, you simply keep the razor in contact with your leg at all times, shaving up and down your leg without ever taking it off your skin. I repeat: you never lift the razor up off your leg, instead moving it up and down your skin without removing it. It sounds weird, but here's what's weirder: it actually works.

Lucy Thorpe

It was a lot quicker, my legs felt smoother, and I had no cuts or nicks anywhere. I usually catch myself on my knee or at the back of my ankle, but with this TikTok hack, there's nothing but smooth, silky skin. You can go a lot quicker than the "normal" way of shaving your legs, too, and going over awkward spots (like your knees) is way easier. There were no missed patches of hair either.

This has definitely changed the way I shave my legs forever. I shave my legs rather than wax or use hair-removal creams because it's quick, easy, and cheap, plus there's no wait time for the hair to grow back until it's long enough like with waxing. Until now, shaving hasn't always been the kindest method of hair removal for my skin, but now that I've got the hang of this TikTok hack, it's so much better.

Lucy Thorpe

My top tips for trying out this shaving hack are to lather up with foam as normal; use a clean, fresh razor; and still take care even if you are going quickly. Keep up with your exfoliation and moisturize your legs, too, as any kind of shaving can lead to drier skin and ingrown hairs. If you struggle with strawberry legs or ingrown hairs, you're still going to need to take some extra precautions.