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Best Razors For Every Budget and Skin Type

14 of the Best Razors For Every Need, Budget, and Skin Type

Best Razors For Every Budget and Skin Type

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Many of us have been there: standing in the razor aisle overwhelmed by all the options, wondering why there are so many when, really, they all seem to serve the same purpose. We panic, choose one in our favorite color, and throw it in our cart. Sound familiar?

Although any razor you buy will do its job of removing hair, each one is, in fact, slightly different. Though they all claim to be the best razors on the market, between functionality, design, and scope of use — from shaving your legs to maneuvering along your bikini line — certain razors may be more effective than others. There also might be additional factors to consider like the increase in sebum some transgender people may face when starting hormone therapy.

Shaving and Navigating Hormone Therapy

According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, starting hormone therapy can cause skin reactions that may complicate shaving, particularly for transmasculine people. "In the skin, testosterone increases sebum production, increases facial and body hair growth, decreases scalp hair, and redistributes body fat...Masculinizing and feminizing effects in the skin may be observed within one month of hormone therapy initiation but may not reach maximum effect until a few years later," the study states.

While the effects may not be immediate, overtime, transmaculine people may start to experience an increase in acne, due to the rise in sebum production from hormone therapy, making things like in-grown hairs and razor bumps more probable when shaving. Though it is possible to mitigate these effects by using lukewarm water and shaving in the direction of hair growth, having the right razor is the first step to feeling confident when shaving and helping you determine which one is best for you is where we come in.

From the best razors for sensitive skin to the crème de la crème for shaving the bikini area and everything in between, we've rounded up 13 of the top options on the market to help you find the best razor for your needs and budget. Keep reading to see and shop them all, including top-reviewed favorites, eco-friendly designs, and buzzworthy brands you've probably seen on Instagram.

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