16 Tiny Finger Tattoos You'll Want to Flaunt ASAP

You've decided you want a tiny tattoo, but not just any little old design — you want a small finger tattoo. This particular tattoo placement has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, in part thanks to celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna, who've all decorated their hands and fingers in fine-line designs.

Tiny finger tattoo designs are chic — plain and simple. Like an intricate stack of rings, tattoos in this location act as permanent accessories. If you're on the hunt for tiny finger tattoo ideas, know you have options. In-demand nature motifs include flowers, planets, and small insects like butterflies. More into abstract and geometric designs? Dots, lines, and various shapes can make for really cool small finger tattoos.

For something more personal, consider getting a loved one's initials or name. Finger tattoos for couples are a subtle way to show love. And if you'd prefer to keep your ink hidden, you're not limited to just the top of your hands — the insides of your fingers are prime realty. Moral of the story: you have many, many choices at your fingertips (pun intended).

If you're ready to book your appointment, find inspiration for cute finger tattoos ahead.

Planet Finger Tattoo

Whether you pick Saturn, Earth, or any others, planets make for cute finger tattoos. These designs are also great to stack on top of each other.

Initial Finger Tattoo

In search of tiny finger tattoos for couples? Opt for each other's initials on the inside of a finger.

Butterfly Finger Tattoo

Butterflies represent rebirth and transformation and are a cute finger tattoo idea. Rock a solo design or get a matching one with a friend.

Small Fine-Line Finger Tattoo

Let your creativity flow and create a cute finger tattoo design that's unique to you, using lines as your medium.

Heart Finger Tattoo

A small finger tattoo in the form of a heart is delicate and sweet. Get one with a loved one for an extra-special meaning behind your design.

Small Dots Finger Tattoo

Looking for more minimal tiny finger tattoos? Dots are a classic choice — just look to Hailey Bieber for inspo.

Small Crest Finger Tattoo

Tiny finger tattoos for best friends and siblings can include special designs like crests, a favorite animal, or a meaningful word.

Leaf-Themed Finger Tattoo

Fans of nature will love tiny finger tattoos made of leaves (and they can even wrap around the finger). Add other tiny tattoos like moons and stars for a celestial-themed set of tattoos.

Tiny Rose Finger Tattoo

A single rose makes for a delicate, cute finger tattoo. Keep it by itself or add other flowers for a full bouquet on your hands.

Sparkles Finger Tattoo

If you can't decide exactly what to get, tiny sparkles are super trendy. They make for a cute finger tattoo that you'll want to talk about constantly.

Roman Numerals Finger Tattoo

If you have a favorite number or a special date that means a lot to you (like an anniversary), get the Roman numeral as your tiny finger tattoo. This design makes for the perfect matching tattoo.

Line Finger Tattoo

Tattoos of lines on the hand can double as rings. This makes your tiny finger tattoo the ultimate accessory.

Small Moon and Sun Finger Tattoo

This finger tattoo design combines a moon and a sun. If you want a tiny piece that is more intricate, opt for this one.

Name Finger Tattoo

Getting a name tattooed on the inside of your finger is a great way to honor a friend or family member. The placement is perfectly hidden if you prefer to keep your designs out of public view.

Small Smiley Finger Tattoo

Looking for a matching tattoo to share with a friend? Opt for this cute smiley face design.

Key Finger Tattoo

A key is a tiny finger tattoo idea that is unique but that you can also personalize. Get a matching one to keep a loved one close.