Travis Barker's Tattoos Have Tons of Meaning

Travis Barker rose to worldwide fame as the lead drummer of the punk-rock band Blink-182 since joining the group in 1998. Even before making it big in the music industry, the California native knew it was either drumming or nothing. To ensure he fulfill his dreams, the artist even decided to forgo a plan B. And to do that, he went on a mission to cover almost every inch of his body in tattoos. Yes, you read that right. When his father warned him against getting inked as a teenager, Barker immediately knew that was exactly what he needed to do — not to be a rebel, but as a reminder that this was his only viable career option.

"I didn't have anything to fall back on," Barker told GQ in an interview. "We didn't have money for college or anything. It really narrowed things down for me in the best way possible. Play music or die." However, over the years, his relationship with body art transformed. It became a medium to express his life story and preserve memories. "For me, it's documenting part of my life or people, things, times in my life. When I'm dead and gone, I want people to be able to look at my body and basically relive my life in some ways," he said. And Barker certainly isn't one to shy away from the messy bits of life, adding, "It's all memories. I don't care if I have nice, shiny tattoos. Mine all tell a story and make up who I am."

Barker even collaborated with Inkbox and longtime tattooist Chuey Quintanar to create a limited-edition collection of temporary designs inspired by his own. Much like the meaning behind his ink, the five temporary tattoos are inspired by his family and love for art with Dolce Vita vibes.

From touching tributes for his closest friends and family members (including his three kids) to his unwavering faith in God and his ever-growing list of designs for his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, here are all of the notable ink in Barker's tattoo collection. Keep reading for a complete breakdown of his expansive body artwork, along with the meaning behind each design.

Travis Barker’s Left Arm Tattoos
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Travis Barker’s Left Arm Tattoos

Travis Barker's Lips Tattoo

In 2021, Barker got Kardashian's lips tattooed on his left bicep a week after getting engaged. The design was inked by New York-based tattooist Scott Campbell.

Travis Barker's "Born With Horns" Tattoo

Barker got this matching tattoo with fellow musician and longtime buddy Machine Gun Kelly in August 2021. The design, which reads "born with horns," sits on both their left forearms. The phrase was supposed to be the title of MGK's sixth studio album for which the two artists collaborated. However, the "Forget Me Too" singer later decided to rename the record to "Mainstream Sellout."

Travis Barker's "Alabama" Tattoo

Barker's left wrist spells the name of his daughter, Alabama Barker, whom he shares with his second ex-wife, Shanna Moakler.

Travis Barker's Crossroads Kitchen Tattoo

The logo of his vegan restaurant franchise, "Crossroads Kitchen," which contains two knives placed diagonally, is inked on his left bicep, near his elbow.

Travis Barker's Microphone Tattoo

Barker has a microphone design on his left forearm, which may represent his love of music.

Travis Barker's Jesus With a Crown of Thorns Tattoo

At the top of his left arm, Barker has a detailed design of Jesus accompanied by a cross and a thorny crown. It signifies his faith, as he was raised Catholic.

Travis Barker's Roses Tattoo

Right below the ink of Jesus, Barker has a set of roses inked on his left arm.

Travis Barker's "1975" Tattoo

The Blink-182 drummer got his birth year, 1975, tattooed on his left wrist, with "19" on one end and "75" on another. Both numbers are encircled in what appears to be a drum.

Travis Barker's Chevrolet Tattoo

He has the brand logo of the popular automobile manufacturer Chevrolet on the back of his left hand.

Travis Barker's Tiny Cross Tattoo

A massive rose ink sweeps across the back of his left hand and a tiny cross surrounded by four small lines is placed on the side near his thumb.

Travis Barker's Misfits Tattoo

The former punk-rock band Misfits's logo, inspired by the 1946 movie "The Crimson Ghost," also found a place in Barker's expansive tattoo collection. The skull symbol sits on his left thumb. Barker dedicated this piece to the '80s band, who helped inspire his musical journey.

Travis Barker's Cherries Tattoo

He has tiny cherries in red, green, and black ink tattooed near his left wrist. The significance behind the ink is unknown.

Travis Barker's Dagger Tattoo

A tiny dagger is placed right above the cherry design. Small colorful stars surround this ink.

Travis Barker's Dice Tattoo

Barker got a pair of dice on his left bicep. One cube shows the digit "6," while another displays "1" on top. Together they make up 7, which is Barker's lucky number.

Travis Barker's Spider Tattoo

Barker has a spider tattoo located on his left forearm near his elbow.

Travis Barker's Skull Tattoo

Barker has a skull tattooed near his left elbow. The numbers "1" and "3" are drawn inside the eye sockets and denote the number 13 together.

Travis Barker's "LLJ" Tattoo

During his December 2018 appearance on the 106.7 FM KROQ's Kevin & Bean, Barker got the letters "LLJ" tattooed live on the inside of his left forearm. The phrase means "Long Live Jahseh," and is a tribute to the late Rapper XXXTentacion (real name: Jahseh Onfroy), who was killed in 2018.

Travis Barker's "FTW" Tattoo

Barker also has the abbreviation "FTW" inked on his left forearm, though, what it means, remains a mystery.

Travis Barker's Female Portrait Tattoo

The rockstar has a mysterious female portrait on his left bicep, which depicts half a face. However, it isn't clear who this portrait belongs to.

Travis Barker's "INRI" Tattoo

The musician has "INRI" inked on his upper arm near the elbow. The ink originates from the Latin phrase "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum," which translates to "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" — the inscription etched on the cross over Christ's head during the crucifixion.

Travis Barker's "Survivors Guilt" Tattoo

In May 2021, Barker got the word "Guilt" tattooed near his left elbow. In the exact location on his right arm, he has the word "Survivors," making the ink together refer to the survivor's guilt. The ink likely echoes Barker's survivor's guilt following the near-fatal escape he made during a 2008 plane crash.

Travis Barker's Scorpio Cover-Up Tattoo

On the inside of his left bicep, Barker got a scorpion tattoo in solid black ink, which strategically covered the tattoo of his second ex-wife's name adorned over a heart. The design is likely a nod to the musician's zodiac sign. He was born on Nov. 14, 1975, which makes him a Scorpio.

Travis Barker's "Dues Paid" Tattoo

Barker's right knuckles spell "Dues," while his left knuckles say "Paid," together making a meaningful statement.

Travis Barker's "I Did It My Way.." Tattoo

Tattooed on the side of Barker's hands are the words "I did it my way.." with "I did it" inked on his right hand and "my way.." placed on his left hand.

Travis Barker's "Live & Learn" Tattoo

The drummer has the phrase "Live & Learn" split over his thumbs, with "Live &" inked on his right hand and "Learn" on his left.

Travis Barker's "120%" Tattoo

Placed below the Misfits icon, Barker has "120%" tattooed on his left thumb.

Travis Barker’s Right Arm Tattoos
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Travis Barker’s Right Arm Tattoos

Travis Barker's "I Love You" Tattoo

In 2021, "The Kardashians" star marked her love for Barker by drawing a meaningful tattoo across his arms. The ink reads "I Love You" and is placed on his right forearm.

Travis Barker's "Landon" Tattoo

The inside of Barker's right wrist holds the ink of his son Landon's name, whom he shares with his second ex-wife Moakler.

Travis Barker's Spider Web Tattoo

Barker has a striking spider web design inked on his right arm that starts at his elbow and extends up to his forearm.

Travis Barker's Blue Bird Tattoo

A beautiful blue bird is inked on Barker's right elbow. The colorful design uses blue, black, and red ink.

Travis Barker's Nautical Star Tattoo

Two black-and-blue nautical stars are inked on the back of Barker's triceps. Though the inspiration behind Barker's ink isn't known, a nautical star tattoo symbolizes good fortune and guidance.

Travis Barker's Red Devil Tattoo

A red devil cartoon is placed on Barker's right arm near the elbow, which draws inspiration from the Black Label Skateboard logo and shows his love for skateboarding.

Travis Barker's Gorilla Biscuits Tattoo

Barker has the iconic for the brand Gorilla Biscuits on his right forearm, which he got in 2014 as a matching ink with Toby Morse, the lead vocalist of the band H₂O.

Travis Barker's "Familia" Tattoo

The Spanish word "Familia" is inked on Barker's right forearm, which he dedicated to his family. The cursive script is surrounded by beautiful roses and stars drawn in red, blue, green, and black ink.

Travis Barker's Tulip Tattoo

A massive tulip ink sweeps across Barker's rift upper arm. The beautiful floral artwork is done in red, green, violet, and black ink.

Travis Barker's "Gloria" Forearm Tattoo

Barker paid a touching tribute to his late mother by dedicating a tattoo on his left forearm to her. The words "In loving memory of Gloria" are spelled across a banner in cursive below a portrait of the Virgin Mary. Barker's mother, passed away after a battle with cancer when the drummer was only 13. She played an instrumental role in inspiring the rock star to become a musician. Barker often attributes his success to his mother's immense support.

Travis Barker's "Nobody Cares Go Harder" Tattoo

In 2013, Barker got another motivational phrase tatted on the back of his right hand near the curvature of his thumb and index finger. "Nobody cares go harder," it reads.

Travis Barker's Music Notes and Drumsticks Tattoo

Barker has a bunch of tiny musical notes inked on his right forearm, as well as a set of drumsticks adjacent to them.

Travis Barker's Smoking Skeleton Tattoo

A skull with a lit cigarette in its mouth sits on the top of Barker's right shoulder.

Travis Barker's Drum and Stick Tattoo

He has a design of a drum and drum sticks right below the smoking skeleton ink on his right shoulder. The ink represents Barker's love for playing the musical instrument.

Travis Barker's "Trigz RIP" Tattoo

Barker paid tribute to the late tattoo artist Michael "Trigz" Pebley, who was killed in 2014. Placed along the length of his right forearm, the piece reads: "Trigz RIP."

Travis Barker's "$" Tattoo

A dollar sign design is inked on Barker's right forearm near the elbow.

Travis Barker's "TLB" Tattoo

"TLB" is tattooed next to the dollar sign on the rock star's right forearm. The ink represents the initials of his full name, Travis Landon Barker.

Travis Barker's Skull and Roses Cover-Up Tattoo

In 2014, Barker got a skull with two roses rising from the sides of it on his right forearm near the wrist. The stark imagery often represents the eternal cycle of life and death — the balance between light and darkness. Before this, the initials of Barker's second ex-wife, Shanna Moakler, "ST," were marked in this location.

Travis Barker's Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Barker got a solid black-inked skeleton on the back of his right hand in May 2021. The tattoo given by tattooist Scott Campbell also features a flower in place of one of the crossbones.

Travis Barker's "7" Tattoo

Barker has his lucky number "7" tattooed in 3D on his right forearm.

Travis Barker's Thespian Masks Tattoo

A pair of theatrical masks — one face with a happy expression and another sad — is inked on the backside of Barker's right shoulder. The thespian masks symbolize the positive and negative emotions — the comedy and the tragedy — a human experiences in life.

Travis Barker's Martini Glass Tattoo

The drummer has a martini glass (complete with an olive) tattooed on his right forearm near his elbow. It might be a nod to Barker's favorite cocktail.

Travis Barker's Rabbit's Foot Tattoo

A tiny rabbit's foot tattoo is placed on Barker's right tricep. The motif is widely believed to be a harbinger of good luck.

Travis Barker's Eye Tattoo

A single intrinsic eye is etched onto the inside of Barker's right forearm. It isn't clear whose eye this is, unlike the eyes he tattooed on his thigh.

Travis Barker's Female Portrait Tattoo

Another mysterious half-face is inked on Barker's right bicep directly above the blue bird and adjacent to the tulip artwork. The ink includes an eye, nose, lips, and a mole on the cheek.

Travis Barker's "Self Made" Tattoo

Barker has a meaningful tattoo on both his knuckles that perfectly sums up his journey to fame and success. The fingers on his right hand have the word "SELF" while his left fingers together spell "MADE." The musician got this ink to remind himself that he has no one but his talent and hard work to thank for the success he has achieved in life.

Travis Barker's Scorpio Tattoo

He has another scorpion ink on the back of his right hand that is dedicated to his astrological sun sign.

Travis Barker’s Chest Tattoos
Getty | Michael Bezjian

Travis Barker’s Chest Tattoos

Travis Barker's "Kourtney" Tattoo

Barker sealed his love for the Kardashian by getting her name tattooed over the left side of his chest. The ink features "Kourtney" written in beautiful cursive handwriting.

Travis Barker's "Can I Say" Tattoo

Dag Nasty is one of Barker's all-time favorite bands that comforted him in his teenage years. To mark his adoration, he got a "Can I Say" tattooed over a banner on his chest (below the collarbone). It's the name of the punk rock band's first album, released in 1986. It's also the title of Barker's autobiography, which came out in 2015.

Travis Barker's "Chaos Often Breeds Life. . ." Tattoo

Barker got the phrase "Chaos often breeds life. When order breeds habit" inked across his clavicle. The script is a quote from the American historian Henry Adams.

Travis Barker's "Pal" Tattoo

Barker has the word "Pal" spelled across the top right side of his chest. In his autobiography, Barker opened up about the matching ink that he got with his dad, who was initially adamantly against Barker ever getting one. Pal is also a nickname the father-son duo used to refer to each other ever since Barker was young.

Travis Barker's Cadillac Tattoo

Barker's favorite automobile brand Cadillac's 1947 emblem is tattooed in the center of his chest. The tattoo, like the original logo, is done in red, green, yellow, and black ink.

Travis Barker's Mudflap Girls Tattoo

Barker has a pair of mudflap girls tattooed on either side of the Cadillac ink. The silhouettes are a mirrored reflection of each other.

Travis Barker's Spark Plugs Tattoo

Barker's two spark plug tattoos are located on either side of his "Can I Say" ink.

Travis Barker's "Randalai Tamara" Tattoo

The names of Barker's two sisters, Randalai and Tamara, are inked in cursive script on the left side of his chest.

Travis Barker’s Back Tattoos
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Travis Barker’s Back Tattoos

Travis Barker's "Family Over Everything" Tattoo

"Family Over Everything" script is written on Barker's upper back above his family portraits, which include drawings of his father, mother, and his kids.

Travis Barker's "Mom" Tattoo

"Mom" is written in a banner style on the nape of his neck.

Travis Barker's "Never Give Up, Never Give In" Tattoo

The motivational quote "Never Give Up, Never Give In" is situated on his upper back. Each word is spaced by an equal sign, and the ink also features a cross in the middle of the quote.

Travis Barker's Family Tree Portraits

After suffering severe three-degree burns from the plane crash, Barker decided to redo his back and make it personal with the portraits of his family members. In the top right corner, he has his father's portrait, adjacent to that he has his mother's portrait. His son Landon's portrait is on the right side of his back, while his daughter Alabama's portrait is placed below his dad's tattoo. The entire family tree was simultaneously done by Chuey Quintanar and Franco Vescovi, which took 10-hour sessions.

Travis Barker's Jesus Portrait Tattoo

A Jesus portrait is among other notable designs on Barker's back, in the center of the family portraits.

Travis Barker's Car Tattoo

A 1953 Cadillac model also found a place on Barker's back, next to the portrait of his son.

Travis Barker's "Hope" Tattoo

Barker has a positive affirmation tatted on his lower back. The ink says "Hope" in bold block letters.

Travis Barker's Children's Names Tattoo

The names of all his children are written across his lower back in order: Landon, Atiana, Alabama. While he shares Landon and Alabama with ex-wife Moakler, Atiana is the name of his step-daughter from Moakler's relationship with Oscar De La Hoya.

Travis Barker’s Neck Tattoos
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Travis Barker’s Neck Tattoos

Travis Barker's "Don't Trust Anyone" Tattoo

In August 2020, Barker debuted his "Don't Trust Anyone" tattoo that he got across his neck.

Travis Barker's Race Flag and "66" Tattoos

Barker has two race flags tattooed on the right side of his neck. In the middle of the flags is the number "66." Together they represent the drummer's year of favorite Cadillac.

Travis Barker's Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A Marilyn Monroe portrait is inked in the middle of Barker's neck.

Travis Barker's "Gloria" Tattoo

Barker paid another tribute to his mother by getting her name, "Gloria," inked at the top of his neck, near his jawline.

Travis Barker's "In God's Hands" Tattoo

The script "In God's Hands" is placed directly above the "Gloria" ink in block letters.

Travis Barker's Musical Note Tattoo

He has a decorative musical note tattooed on his neck below his left ear.

Travis Barker's Rose Cover-Up Tattoo

Barker had "Melissa," the name of his first ex-wife, written on the right side of his neck below the ear. After the couple split in 2002, the musician got her name covered up with a rose design.

Travis Barker's "Live Fast Die Fun" Tattoo

The left side of his neck is adorned with a colorful design, which includes the phrase: "Live Fast Die Fun."

Travis Barker’s Stomach Tattoos
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Travis Barker’s Stomach Tattoos

Travis Barker's "Cadillac" Tattoo

"Cadillac" is spelled vertically across Barker's right ribcage in cursive. According to Barker, he sat for 12 hours in a chair to get this done. This is the longest he has ever spent getting tatted.

Travis Barker's Cadillac Symbol Tattoo

Barker's love for a Cadillac knows no bounds, and his tattoos prove it. The musician got another brand logo from the 1947 edition on the right side of his torso, beside the massive "Cadillac" ink.

Travis Barker's Boombox Tattoo

Barker got a boombox design tatted on his stomach to mark his childhood love of break-dancing. An angelic winged figure is also drawn on top of the boombox. He got it when he was 21.

Travis Barker's "Lover" Tattoo

Located under his boombox tattoo is the script "Lover."

Travis Barker's "Lasalle" Tattoo

Barker's record label company, Lasalle, founded in 2004, also found a home among his extensive tattoo collection. The ink is placed over the musician's right ribcage.


Travis Barker’s Left Leg Tattoos

Travis Barker's Dog Portrait Tattoo

Barker paid tribute to his late French bulldog named Blue by getting his portrait on his left thigh, near his knees. The tattoo was done by Dr. Woo in November 2022.

Travis Barker's DJ AM Tribute Tattoo

Barker also paid tribute to DJ AM (real name: Adam Goldstein). DJ AM was the only other person to survive the 2008 jet crash with Barker, but later died expectedly in 2009. The tribute features the script "In Memory of DJ AM," with a crying angel holding hands at the bottom of it. The tattoo is located on his left thigh.

Travis Barker's Tattoos by His Children

In an interview with GQ in 2015, Barker explained that he reserved a portion of his thigh for his kids to give him tattoos. "It's like a sketchbook. Those are the memories that are really priceless," he said. In another chat with Vice, the musician revealed that his son, "Landon put a cross with his name, with an L and an A, and Alabama put a heart." Both of these designs sit on his left thigh.

Travis Barker's Skeleton Knee Tattoo

Tattooist Chuey Quintanar gave Barker a skeleton tattoo on his left knee in November 2020.

Travis Barker's "DTA" Tattoo

Located directly below the skeleton are the block letters "DTA," which is the name of the record label founded by Barker in 2019 and stands for "Don't Trust Anyone."

Travis Barker's Hawk Tattoo

A flying Hawk is inked on his left foot, which he got in April 2022.


Travis Barker’s Right Leg Tattoos

Travis Barker's "You're So Cool!" Tattoo

In March 2021, Barker debuted the "True Romance"-inspired tattoo on his Instagram, which is believed to be a nod to he and his wife's favorite movie. As a reference to the 1993 Quentin Tarantino movie, it says "You're So Cool!" at the top of his right thigh, with a heart drawn below the script.

Travis Barker's Kourtney Eyes Tattoo

Barker got Kardashian's eyes tatted on the top of his right thigh, which he playfully teased in a series of Instagram photos shared in January 2022.

Travis Barker's Descendents Tattoo

In keeping with the tradition of getting his favorite bands tattooed on his body, Barker got the cover art of Descendents' 1985 record, "I Don't Want to Grow Up," along with the album title, on his right shin.

Travis Barker's Chris Baker and Che Still's Memorials Tattoo

Barker lost two of his close friends, Chris Baker and Charles "Che" Still, during the plane crash in 2008. To pay tribute to them, he got a memorial for his friends on his right thigh. While recovering from his injuries, Barker was unable to attend their funerals, so the ink helped him process the loss in a way. "Once I realized I'd lost two of my friends, I was like, "Can I get a tattoo artist to come in right now?" I missed their funerals, so I guess I was looking for some kind of closure," he said to GQ.

Travis Barker's Spider Web Tattoo

In July 2020, Barker got a spider web that weaves from the center of his right knee and goes slightly up onto his thigh.

Travis Barker's Audrey Hepburn Portrait Tattoo

Audrey Hepburn's portrait is inked on his right mid-thigh.

Travis Barker's "Bones" and Dag Nasty Flame Tattoos

Barker had all his leg tattoos burnt off while in the plane crash. Among the ones that meant the most to him was the "Bones" tattoo he got on his leg, which was the first ever ink he got. Barker recalled to Vice that he was only 16 when he got the tattoo — it was his nickname growing up due to his slim build. There was also a Dag Nasty flame logo, which is one of Barker's favorite bands.

Travis Barker’s Face Tattoos
Getty | Jeff Kravitz

Travis Barker’s Face Tattoos

Travis Barker's Anchor Tattoo

Barker has a tiny anchor tattoo on his face near the outer corner of his right eye. Though the drummer hasn't shared the relevance of the design, an anchor tattoo typically represents resilience and peace.

Travis Barker's Star Tattoo

A small black solid star is inked near his left eye.

Travis Barker's "Blessed" Tattoo

Right beneath the star design, Barker has the word "Blessed" written in beautiful cursive script over his left cheek. This ink might encompass his feelings after narrowly surviving the 2008 plane crash. "I definitely think I was blessed, and I'm here for a reason after being the only survivor of a plane crash," he said.

Travis Barker's Flower Tattoo

In November 2020, Barker enlisted famous celebrity tattooist Dr. Woo's help to add a single-needle rose tattoo to his collection of face artwork. The tattoo is drawn on the side of his left cheek parallel to his ear.

Travis Barker’s Head Tattoos
Getty | Paul Archuleta

Travis Barker’s Head Tattoos

Travis Barker's Cross Tattoo

A cross outline with his kids' names, Alabama and Landon, is located on the left side of Barker's head.

Travis Barker's "One Life One Chance" Tattoo

Barker has the phrase "One Life One Chance" tattooed in the center of his head. It's the title of an H₂O song, as well as the name of a nonprofit organization founded by the punk-rock band's lead vocalist Toby Morse, a close friend of Barker. The organization aims to raise awareness among youth and children to choose a healthy lifestyle and promote a drug-free life. Morse tapped Barker to further drive the cause in 2010, and in 2012, Barker permanently etched the words on his skin.

Travis Barker's Transplants Tattoo

As an ode to the Transplants, the punk-rock band he joined as the lead drummer in 2002, Barker got the logo of the band — a person wearing a gas mask — permanently inked on the back of his head. Barker revealed that he got this tattoo to commemorate finishing the album.

Travis Barker's Praying Hands Tattoo

Two praying hands are inked on the left side of his head. The ink, which Barker got when he was 19, likely symbolizes Barker's religious faith.

Travis Barker's "Family First" Tattoo

Barker expressed his adoration and devotion to his family by getting a "Family First" tattoo on the left side of his head on top of the praying hands. The ink might be a sweet tribute to his family and keeping them in his prayers.

Travis Barker's "Barker" Tattoo

His last name is inked in a banner beneath the praying hands.

Travis Barker's Virgin Mary Tattoo

A massive Virgin Mary design is located in the center of Barker's head, which is a tribute to his Catholic upbringing. This tattoo even inspired Kardashian's veil during their wedding ceremony in Portofino, Italy. The drummer opened up about the inspiration behind the ink in the 2015 interview with Vice. "I was brought up Catholic. I definitely pray; I believe in God," he said. "I definitely think I was blessed, and I'm here for a reason after being the only survivor of a plane crash. So I'm not at church every day, and I'm not pushing religion on people. But I believe in God, and I pray, and my kids pray."

Travis Barker's "Family Loyalty Respect" Tattoo

A script that says "Family Loyalty Respect" is inked below the Virgin Mary tattoo and is placed over the hairline.

Travis Barker's Rose Tattoo

A blooming rose sweeps across the front, left side of his head, where a tiny skeleton design sits in the middle of it. It could stem from the perpetual cycle of morality and death.