Zendaya Shuts Down a Makeup Shamer With Just 2 Words

Zendaya should seriously be a life coach. In addition to her curly-girl styling secrets and DIY makeup tricks, she needs to educate the world on how to respond to haters on social media. She is a pro at shutting down rude comments with class, including hateful remarks about her parents and mean tweets about her wigs.

Recently, Twitter user JaeBasstv declared that he was "hurt" by how different Zendaya looks without makeup. "It scared me how different she looks," he said. True to form, the actress quickly responded, knocking Jae down a peg with just two words.

Zendaya tweeted back with a coy (and gorgeous) makeup-free selfie. "Terrifying honestly . . . " she captioned the photo. If only we could all achieve this level of IDGAF. "You cannot allow other people's opinions, comments, or decisions affect how you feel about yourself," she told POPSUGAR. Clearly, she remains unaffected by the haters.