Zoey Deutch's "Buttery Blond" Hair Color Is One of 2022's Biggest Trends

Zoey Deutch is trading in her money-piece highlights and fully committing to being blond this summer. The actor's latest hair change was recently revealed by her hairstylist, Gregory Russell, and her new look is nothing short of ethereal.

In the Instagram post, Deutch, who is currently promoting her new movie "Not Okay," can be seen in extremely soft, monochromatic makeup with her lip color and blush coordinating with her outfit. Her hair, which was styled into voluminous waves, is a noticeably lighter hue than the stark blond highlights and brunette base that she wears in the movie, as well as the "bronde" color she had earlier this month. Though Deutch has played around with different hair colors before — she's been seen in everything from an ombré bob to a deep red color — it's been some time since she's gone this light with her hair.

While it isn't clear if this new look is due to hair extensions or if Deutch actually dyed her hair, one thing that's certain is that she remains extremely on trend with her hair colors. Buttery blond was one of the biggest hair-color predictions of 2022, and Deutch executed the soft, slightly dimensional highlights that are a trademark of the color with ease. Take a closer look at her hair ahead.