Zooey Deschanel's Engagement Nails Are Just as Colorful as Her Ring

Zooey Deschanel is engaged to Jonathan Scott after four years together. On Aug. 14, the couple made the announcement on Instagram with a selfie of them hugging, big smiles plastered across their faces. In the image, Deschanel held up her left hand, showing off her flower engagement ring and equally distinctive engagement nails.

For the occasion, Deschanel's short square nails were painted different shades of pink, giving the appearance of a tonal "paint chip" manicure. The trend involves using varying polish colors for each nail to create a gradient effect. Her pinky and index fingers were a hot pink while her thumb, middle, and ring fingers were a lighter pastel hue. The manicure feels very timely given the blockbuster hit movie "Barbie," starring Margot Robbie, which was released on July 21. Ever since promotion for the film started, the Barbie effect has been felt far and wide, influencing many fashion and beauty choices.

Manicure aside, Deschanel's engagement ring is a head-turner. It features multiple gemstones, including a purple sapphire, white diamonds, and a pink sapphire. The couple captioned the joint social media post, "Forever starts now!!!" Deschanel is best known for her role in "New Girl" (among many more), while Scott has his home renovation show, "Property Brothers," with his twin brother Drew Scott.

To see Deschanel and Scott's engagement announcement and take a peek at her special manicure, keep scrolling.