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Job Hunting Tip: Use Google Doc Templates

If you're job hunting, the Google Doc Templates gallery will be your BFF. You can download relevant templates and customize them to use for your application or your prep process. Here are a couple templates you might find helpful:

  • Modern Resume: A very modern and clean looking resume that has a simple design. It doesn't look too cluttered up and has just the right professional touch.
  • To Do List: When you're job hunting, you're going to have a neverending to do list for things like reaching out to contacts, going to events, sending resumes to a certain company. Keep your job search tasks organized in this Google template.
  • Job Interview One-Sheeter: This is a great, great interview tool that will help you prepare. It's nice to have all your points located on a single sheet of paper so you can make sure you're covering all your bases. It's also handy because you can print it out and quickly look over for a refresher before an interview.
  • Networking Tracker: To keep track of the many people you'll come in contact with while networking for a job, use this sheet to stay on top of things. Note: Although the preview doesn't seem to be working, the template still downloads and works fine.
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anjila anjila 5 years
Hi @Emily. Thanks for your link. The templates work now and the templates are great!
Emily-Co Emily-Co 5 years
Hey @corbinia @anjila, the site might've been down when you were trying to download it. It should work! If that keeps happening, you might want to check out the Google Docs Help Forum to see if you can figure out what's going on.
cheryl301 cheryl301 5 years
The templets are great and they downloaded with no problems. Tks
BettyBlue22 BettyBlue22 5 years
Brilliant TFS. They downloaded with no issues for me. I really like the networking template - great idea.
corbinia corbinia 5 years
I think I have found these. I opened up google docs and selected "browse templates" and found a modern resume, networking tracker, and job interview one sheet. I am still looking for the to-do list. It is probably not with the google docs but may be in google to do? Not sure.
corbinia corbinia 5 years
They don't work for me either.
anjila anjila 5 years
unfortunately most of these links didn't work. such a shame :(
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