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What Has Sarah Chalke Been Doing Since Roseanne?

Second Becky Has Been Busy: Here's What Sarah Chalke's Done Since Roseanne Ended

What Has Sarah Chalke Been Doing Since Roseanne?
Image Source: Getty / Michael Tran

Sarah Chalke is just one of the original cast members of Roseanne to return for the show's reboot, though her new role is sort of a twist: instead of portraying older daughter Becky Conner (which she did on seasons six through nine of the show), Sarah plays Andrea, a middle-class married woman who hires the original Becky (Lecy Goranson) as her surrogate.

While Sarah might be best known for her role as the hilarious yet painfully insecure Dr. Elliot Reid on Scrubs, the 41-year-old Canadian-born actress has actually been keeping quite busy both on and off screen since Roseanne ended in 1997. Keep reading to get caught up on her life, then find out where the rest of the Scrubs cast has ended up.

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