Alexander Skarsgård Twirls and Lies on the Floor at the "Infinity Pool" Red Carpet

Alexander Skarsgård is bringing his own unique approach to the red carpet. The actor attended a showing of Brandon Cronenberg's "Infinity Pool" at the Berlin International Film Festival on Feb. 22, but instead of calmly smiling as most people do on the red carpet, he decided to twirl around, strike a few poses, and then lie down flat in front of the cast as cameras flashed. It's unclear why he chose to do all this — perhaps he was reviving the early-2010s planking trend, or protesting the social norms that require people to stand still and smile on red carpets, or just trying to create some chaos.

Or maybe he was just trying to get in the spirit of "Infinity Pool," which he stars in alongside Mia Goth and Cleopatra Coleman. The movie made a splash at Sundance Film Festival in January for its utter bizarreness and exorbitant amount of explicit content. The script "shocked me the first time I read it," Skarsgård said in a January interview with Yahoo. "It's very rare to read something that is so out there and original. And the journey that my character goes on is just so bananas! It's refreshing to do something that is crazy, out there and wild."

Skarsgård is far from the first actor to act oddly on the red carpet. Tana Mongeau and H.E.R. both walked the 2019 red carpet at the MTV VMAs wearing live snakes, for example, and plenty of other stars have goofed off at award shows and premieres — but Skarsgård is the latest to leave an impression. Ahead, check out his antics at the "Infinity Pool" premiere.