Anna Faris Shows Off Her Rock-Hard Abs While Filming Overboard in a Bikini

When we first found out that a remake of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's classic 1987 film Overboard was in the works, we weren't too thrilled. I mean, why touch something that's already so perfect? But when Anna Faris came on board (get it?) as its main star, our minds were immediately changed. The actress took a break from tweeting shirtless photos of her husband, Chris Pratt, to film a few beach scenes in Canada on Wednesday, and we're already pretty excited about what's to come. The mom of son Jack looked incredible in a yellow bikini as she took a dip in the water and had a steamy makeout session with costar Eugenio Derbez. As previously reported, the remake is flipping the genders of the main characters, so Eugenio is the one who falls overboard off his yacht and is convinced by Anna that he is her husband. Pretty amazing, right? Almost as amazing as Anna's rock-hard abs . . . almost.