These Gloriously Cheesy Brad Pitt Pictures From 1987 Can't Be Beat

More than two decades ago, when Brad Pitt was in his early twenties and starring on the TV show Dallas, he posed for this totally rad photo shoot. It was 1987, so the outfits were just as great as you'd imagine; baggy button-downs, high-rise jeans, and bright scoop-neck tank tops made up the late-'80s wardrobe. For some of the pictures, Brad paired up with his then-girlfriend, Dallas costar Shalane McCall, but in others, he struck some classic (and hilarious) pinup poses. To celebrate Brad's 51st birthday this week, take a look at 100 pictures from Brad Pitt's 1987 photo shoot, and then be sure to check out that time Brad starred in an '80s Pringles ad.