Chris Pratt Shares 3 of His Favorite Things About Jennifer Lawrence

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are living it up on the Passengers press tour. In just the past few weeks alone, we've witnessed a lot of costar brilliance. Chris has cropped Jen out of all his pictures and shocked with an epic card trick, while Jen has definitely evened the score with her sweet, spray-painted revenge. Oh, and let's not forget her totally endearing Real Housewives meltdown or the fact that the pair savored the opportunity to trade brutal playground insults with one another. But for all the fun and shenanigans, we still see a glimmer of fondness between the costars here and there.

Case in point: when we stopped by the Passengers junket earlier this month, we thought we'd try to get a few fun facts that Jen and Chris had learned about each other in all the time they've spent together. Jen immediately offered words of love and even spilled on the romantic thing Chris Pratt does for Anna Faris every week. Chris then returned the favor with words of equal praise and admiration. "Jen has got a really sharp sense of humor," he said (to the surprise of no one). Then, he continued, saying, "I think that people maybe don't realize how funny Jen is. Jen is incredibly nurturing. She's very motherly; she's mama bear. She'll straight-up gut somebody. If she loves somebody and that person's in danger, she's got that mama bear strength. She'd, like, lift a car over her head. That kind of thing." It's official: if we're ever in serious danger, we're calling out to Chris and Jennifer first.