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Chris Pratt Magic Trick on Graham Norton Show Dec. 2016

The Crazy Twist in Chris Pratt's Failed Magic Trick Makes Jennifer Lawrence Freak Out

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have been busy promoting their new movie Passengers all over Europe, and on Friday, they made a fun stop in London. During their appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Chris decided to show off his magic skills (or lack thereof). After enlisting the help of fellow guest, the sexy actor proceeded to do his best card trick for the audience. After failing to guess the rapper's card four times in a row over the course of five minutes, he pulls out a crazy twist at the end and gets it right, proving the whole "I don't know what I'm doing" bit was just for show. And the best part about the whole thing? Jennifer's reaction at the end. Watch it for yourself above, and be sure to check out Passengers when it hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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