Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty's Cutest Quotes Prove How Perfect They Are Together

Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty's relationship reads like a real-life story. After working together on Disney Channel's Descendants 2, it didn't take long for them to form an offscreen romance. While they're known for showing off their cute bond on social media, it's their mushy quotes about each other that really make us swoon.

Dove has often referred to Thomas as her rock and best friend, while Thomas isn't afraid to admit that his girlfriend is "the one." Seriously, how cute are they? Keep reading for even more adorable quotes about Thomas and Dove's undeniable love for each other ahead.

Dove on Thomas Being Her Best Friend

"Thomas and I are like best pals. We're not the kind of boyfriend and girlfriend where it's like there's a division and I have my girl friends and he has his guy friends and I like see him and he's the boyfriend. It's very much like we're each other's person. We say all the time, 'I've never been more seen than with you.'"

Thomas on Dove Being "the One"

"She is just the most incredible person I've ever met. I think people see her as so talented — because obviously that's her job, to perform and all the rest of it — but she's the most compassionate and the most patient and the most genuine, loving person I've ever met. And so kind and so generous. She's amazing. She really is."

Dove on How It Was Love at First Sight With Thomas

"My relationship with Thomas has been different than anything I've ever experienced with another human right from the very start. I know this is cheesy, but honestly, right from the moment we met, it felt like the earth moved, for both of us. He told me he loved me within a week of meeting me, and has never taken a step back from that statement."

Dove on Thomas Being Her Rock

"He's a pure soul. A well-intended, completely innocent source of care and generosity, humility and never-ending patience. I've never experienced an equality like we have, a real admission of who and what we are together and the guttural knowing that this is right. Thomas has been my rock. Every thought or feeling I have, no matter how strange or dark or heavy, he is a safe space for me, a never-ending well of patience and generosity. He is my world."

Thomas on Dove’s Career

"What a pleasure it has been to have the opportunity to see this one perform her dream role, in a breathtakingly beautiful show, part of such an incredibly wonderful and talented cast. I've been in awe watching you grow as a performer/actor/singer, and inspired to have watched your dedication and commitment to your craft. I'm honoured to be your boyfriend, and experience your unconditional love, compassion, kindness and shocking yankee banter on a daily basis."

Thomas on Being Lucky to Date Dove

"I am dating her, lucky girl. I'm joking, I am the lucky one. She's just a wonderful human. She's so kind and loving, funny, extremely talented, has the most beautiful eyes, and puts up with me being weird. She's also weird — that's why it works so well. Dove's very down to earth and real."

Dove on Falling in Love With Thomas

"I don't remember when he started to stand out to me as somebody that I was gonna love. I do remember that absolutely terrifying feeling when you're starting to fall in love with someone and I was like 'Noo.' Like going downhill and you have no breaks on. Because he's the most beautiful human being on the face of the planet, not physically, but emotionally. Like I am not shy about saying that he's the most perfect thing under the sun. When that started to happen, I remember being like 'No!' because I remember being like, 'There's nobody else who could break my heart like he could.'"

Dove on Thomas Being “the Most Perfect Human Being”

"He's like a sinfully beautiful human being. It's so funny though because he's so intelligent and he's so funny and he has the biggest heart in the world and nobody even knows it. He's like the most perfect human being."