Let's Discuss What's Going On With Kanye West and Drake and Why Kim Kardashian Got Involved

In 1997, Notorious B.I.G. asked the world "What's Beef?," and years later, we're still trying to figure it out. Kanye West and Drake have had their ups and downs, and this week, while Drake was posting shirtless photos on Instagram, Kanye had some things to get off his chest — and as usual, it all went down on Twitter.

Earlier this year, Drake accused Kanye of adding to his long-standing drama with Pusha T and said Kanye told Pusha about Drake's secret son after he confided in him, which resulted in a gut-wrenching diss track. Kanye denied sharing that information, and the two have had a rocky relationship since. On Thursday, Kanye requested a meeting with Drake after Drake wanted to get clearance to release a song that sampled Kanye's "Say You Will," and, well, Kanye wasn't having it. Read on to see how everything unfolded this week and how Kim Kardashian even got involved after Drake allegedly threatened Kanye's family.

The Original Tweet

"This proves sh*t faker than wrestling," Kanye originally tweeted with a screenshot of a text asking for clearance for a Drake song. Before the father of three could give clearance for anything, he said Drake owes him an apology for dissing his Yeezy 350 sneakers in a song and it can't be through Travis Scott or Scooter Braun. He accused Drake of buying out the first two rows at a Pusha T concert and being responsible for the scuffle at the concert that resulted in four people being seriously injured. Kanye promised he "would never intentionally try to hurt" Drake, likely referring to his denial of leaking the news about Drake's son. A lot of tweets later, Drake finally picked up the phone.

Drake Called!

"Mission accomplished," Kanye tweeted after Drake called, but he still wasn't giving clearance for the song. Apparently, the two spoke on the phone, and Kanye accused Drake of threatening him and his family, even referencing his mental health and being bipolar, saying, "this kind of sh*t can get me ramped."

"I'm up for talking. We need to show all of these fans that black men can talk without someone ending up dead or in jail," Kanye wrote. "Drake I'm not going to physically fight you like it's MTV boxing."

Drake's Reaction
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Drake's Reaction

It looks like Drake only needed one emoji to epitomize his reaction to all of this. Or maybe it was this tweet that made Drake react with said emoji: "There would never be a drake without a Kanye west so never come out your mouth with a threat."

The Alleged Threats

Kanye alleged that Drake threatened his family and his children and got involved by speaking with Kris Jenner and Travis Scott but not talking to Kanye. Regardless, Kanye vehemently denied telling Pusha T about his son. "I'm Ye bro. Remember that I love you. I would never intentionally hurt you. That's what I've been saying to you. . . I would never mention your (blank)," Kanye wrote.

Kim Kardashian's Reaction

Then Kim Kardashian got involved, warning Drake not to threaten her family, which he allegedly did over the phone, and again saying he wouldn't exist without Kanye.

More Tweets

Kanye ended his Twitter tirade, writing, "All positive vibes. . . All love. . . Meditate in positivity."