Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Trying to Sing the Beatles on Karaoke Is Pure Gold

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are trying to up their karaoke game! On Friday, Goldie posted a hilarious video of her and Kurt attempting to use a new karaoke microphone that they received as a gift. "Kurt and I just opened one of our favorite Christmas presents . . . I don't think we'll be taking this on the road," the actress joked. In the clip, the couple, who have been together for nearly 36 years, is putting in maximum effort to belt out the Beatles' 1964 classic "I Want to Hold Your Hand." But, in true karaoke fashion, it didn't exactly sound like a chart-topper.

Still, they were having so much fun that their daughter Kate Hudson wanted to know where her invitation to the jam session was. "Why wasn't I at this karaoke party....!?" she commented. Evidently, Goldie and Kurt's musical moment makes for a great laugh! Watch the adorable duo try their hardest to figure out how to use the microphone and sing to their heart's desire in the video above.