Tall Girl's Luke Eisner Is Here to Become Your New Netflix Boyfriend

Getty | Jesse Grant

Being the tallest girl in school definitely limits your romantic prospects. However, when your school gets a new Swedish exchange student who is both tall and devastatingly hot, your prospects suddenly aren't looking so bad. Netflix's latest rom-com Tall Girl stars beautiful dancer Ava Michelle as a high schooler who, due to her 6'1" height, can't manage to find a boyfriend — that is, until she meets 6'2" Stig, played by Luke Eisner.

Who is Luke Eisner, you ask? This may be his first Netflix movie, but it isn't his first Netflix project — he appears as Cody in an episode of Netflix's new sitcom Family Reunion. The 23-year-old actor also happens to be both a musician and a model, having landed campaigns with H&M, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. Does he sound too good to be true? Just wait until you see these sexy photos of him (and be sure to also watch him woo Jodi in Tall Girl, which is streaming now on Netflix).