Jamie Foxx Says He's Starting to "Feel Like Myself" Following Hospitalization

Jamie Foxx is starting to feel like himself again following his hospitalization in April. On Aug. 17, the 55-year-old actor shared another health update with his fans on Instagram. "You're lookin at a man who is thankful… finally startin to feel like myself…," he began. "it's been an unexpected dark journey… but I can see the light… I'm thankful to everyone that reached out and sent well wishes and prayers… I have a lot of people to thank… u just don't know how much it meant… I will be thanking all of you personally… and if you didn't know… GOD IS GOOD… all day every day… #swipeleft #imbackandimbetter #nobaddays."

Three months after his eldest daughter, Corinne Foxx, revealed that Jamie was treated for an undisclosed "medical complication," Jamie shared an emotional Instagram video on July 22 thanking his family and fans for their support over the past few months. The actor also opened up about why he has chosen not to share many details about his time in the hospital.

"I went through something that I thought I would never ever go through," Jamie said. "I know a lot of people were waiting and you know wanting to hear updates, but to be honest with you, I just didn't want you to see me like that, man."

The actor continued, "You know I want you to see me laughing, having a good time, partying, cracking a joke, doing a movie, television show. I didn't want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out if I was gonna make it through."

Jamie went on to credit his sister Deidra Dixon and daughter Corinne for saving his life. He also thanked them and the rest of his family for guarding his privacy while he was in the hospital. "So to them, to God, to a lot of great medical people, I'm able to leave you this video," he said. "I cannot tell you how great it feels to have your family kick in in such a way. And y'all know they kept it airtight, didn't let nothing out. They protected me, and that's what I hope that everyone could have in moments like these."

An emotional Jamie went on to dispel rumors that he's blind or paralyzed, before telling fans not to be surprised if they see him crying in public now that he's out and about again. The "They Cloned Tyrone" star shared he's just grateful to still be alive and able to resume his day-to-day life after he went to "hell and back." He added, "I just want you to remember me for the jokes that I crack, the movies that I make — some of them good, some of them ain't (I think I've got a good one out) — and songs that I sing."

He concluded his video by saying, "I'm here on earth because of some great people. I'm here on earth because of God, man. . . . I'm on my way back."

Jamie Foxx Health Updates

On July 9, TMZ obtained footage of Jamie waving to fans on a boat while traveling along the Chicago River, and he looked to be in good spirits. That same day, Jamie tweeted about his afternoon outing, writing on Twitter, "Boat life 🦊 Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn Stay blessed!"

Prior to Jamie's July 22 Instagram video, the last official update on his health came on May 12, when Corinne, 29, wrote on her Instagram Story that her "dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating." She added, "In fact, he was playing pickle ball yesterday! Thanks for everyone's prayers and support! We have an exciting work announcement coming next week too!"

Jamie issued his first public statement on May 3 in an Instagram post and expressed gratitude for all the support he's received since the initial news. He wrote, "Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed."

Very few details are known about the specifics of Jamie's health, and reps for the actor did not respond to POPSUGAR's request for comment. But some of Jamie's costars, like "They Cloned Tyrone"'s John Boyega, are wishing him well as he continues to recover. At the Hollywood premiere of his Netflix movie on June 27, Boyega informed People that he finally got in touch with Jamie after previously telling Entertainment Tonight he's "been calling" his costar since the actor's hospitalization. "He finally picked up the phone. Thank you, bro," Boyega told People. "He's doing well."

Previously, Jamie's other close industry friends offered messages of support and check-ins on his condition as well. On April 23, ET published an interview with his friend Nick Cannon, during which the TV host gave an update on Jamie while promoting his radio show, "The Daily Cannon." When asked how Jamie was doing, Cannon said, "Man, I'm praying. You see, I posted on Instagram. I literally have been saying prayers out loud. Words of affirmation for my big brother."

"There's a lot of progression and a world of better."

He added: "I know he's doing so much better because I'm actually about to do something special for him, and doing him a favor." While Cannon didn't reveal what the favor in question was, he assured that "it'll be out there soon." "I was reluctant to go all the way there, and even talk about it, but he gave me the blessing, so it's a beautiful thing," Cannon continued. "He's awake. They say he's alert, so, we love it. That's family right there."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cannon's secret was the fact that he's taken over Jamie's hosting duties for the current season of his game show, "Beat Shazam," per news shared on May 3.

Another update on Jamie's condition came from good friend Kevin Hart in an episode of Logan Paul and Mike Majlak's "Impaulsive" podcast that dropped on May 2. During it, the comedian shared, "The dope thing is that he's getting better in his situation, and everybody's prayers, everybody's love, energy, all that stuff is seen and felt."

For those who had been asking for more details about why Jamie was hospitalized, Hart added, "I've heard things. I'm very fortunate to have the relationship with Jamie, that I can check on things. They're being tight [with information] for reasons — just about where he is — because Jamie's always been a private person." Hart then concluded by saying the Oscar-winning actor, singer, and comedian is "needed" and "necessary," adding, "I know that he knows that. And I know that he feels that because there's been an outcry and outpour of support in his regard, and I can only hope that it continues."

When Was Jamie Foxx Hospitalized?

Jamie's daughter broke the news about the "Day Shift" actor's health scare on April 12 in a since-deleted Instagram post. "We wanted to share that, my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday," Corrine wrote. "Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery. We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for your privacy at this time."

On April 18, Entertainment Tonight confirmed at the time, per a source, that Jamie — who also has a teenage daughter named Annalise Bishop — was still recovering. "He is healing," the source said. "He feels the love from everyone." Earlier that day, a source also told the outlet, "Jamie is doing OK, thankfully. He's recovering and has been surrounded by his family."

Prior to his hospitalization, Jamie was in the midst of filming his latest movie project, "Back in Action," with costar Cameron Diaz in Atlanta. Production has since wrapped, according to ET.

What Have Celebrities Said About Jamie Foxx's Hospitalization?

Since the news first broke, fans and Jamie's industry peers haven't stopped sharing thoughtful messages. On April 13, Kerry Washington shared a photo of her and her "Ray" costar on Instagram, captioning it, "A @iamjamiefoxx appreciation post. Sending you all the love and prayers my movie huzbin." The following day, Jennifer Hudson wrote of her "Dreamgirls" costar on Instagram, "Lifting my friend @iamjamiefoxx and the Foxx family up in prayer ! We pray for healing in Jesus' name! Sending u all the love in the world, Jamie !!!"

Viola Davis also wished Jamie well on Instagram, writing, "Get well @iamjamiefoxx. We need you.... your light, your brilliance." Meanwhile, LeBron James tweeted, "Sending my thoughts and prayers to the heavens above to my brother @iamjamiefoxx!!!! Get well and back to yourself SOONER THAN LATER! God willing."

"Power Book II: Ghost" star Woody McClain then paid tribute to Jamie in an interview with POPSUGAR published on May 2. "Jamie's such a great guy, man. Prayers to Jamie, too," the "Bobby Brown Story" actor said after recounting some advice Jamie once gave him. "I remember being at Jamie Foxx's house, and I was just in the corner. Everybody kept saying, 'Bobby. Bobby.' I hear that a million and trillion times," he said. "But I remember Jamie coming over to me. He was like, 'I noticed every time somebody says that, you kind of dim your light. You can't do that. . . . Don't shy away from that — embrace it. . . . You're going to get more things. More things are going to come. You're going to be amazing.'"

In his interview with People, Boyega said he and his "They Cloned Tyrone" crew have been respecting Jamie's privacy as he recovers and "can't wait for his return." He added of his recent phone call with Jamie, "I gave him the well wishes directly. I gave him all the well wishes. So I'm just gonna be waiting until he comes back out here. So take your time, Jamie. We love you, bro."

The actor's celebrity friends were quick to respond to his Instagram video as well. "This video just warmed my soul….Foxx you are needed man. We love you and we are forever with you. So glad to see my brother and so glad to see that you are in good spirits," Hart wrote. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson added, "I'm gonna bear hug the f*ck outta you when I see you again."