Jessie James and Eric Decker's Family Snaps Are Just Plain Lovely

Instagram | jessiejamesdecker

Jessie James Decker has one hectic life, but thanks to Instagram, she loves to share it all with her dedicated fans. The country singer, who is already mom of daughter Vivianne with her husband, NFL star Eric Decker, gave birth to her second child, a son, in early September. And the couple, who wed in 2013, and their growing family couldn't be any cuter. Jessie frequently takes to Instagram to post photos and videos of Vivianne's adorable adventures, their family vacations, and moments from Eric's game days. Keep reading to see more of the Deckers' sweetest snaps, then check out this other famous family that we can't get enough of (hint: they're '90s royalty).

"Earlier with my sweet girl! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, night night"


"Vivi is a crackel barrel queen."

"When privacy doesn't exist."


"It's Christmas Eve!!!!"

"Me and the Vivs and she's rocking her football @babiators!!"

"My precious baby boy."

"Our princess and the frog."

"When Viv got to meet her lil bro for the first time."

"This is the face of a mama who hasn't slept in over a week and nips look like a dog mangled them. But that's ok, all worth it for this little nugget haha. I can't stop kissing him and smelling him. I love new born smell."

"Good game daddy!!!!!! Thanks for sending me pix and updating me @mamakarenparker :) I stayed back with lil' man cause he's too little right now to go but we cheered loud and proud at home!!"

"If you're a proud big sister raise your hand!"

"Happy Easter."

Jessie called Vivianne her "silly girl" in this video.

"So good seeing dada today at practice! Hot day!! Phew this preggo mama is worn out!! #goodtimingbabe #trainingcampbaby."

"My life."

"What, mama? I couldn't wait till we got to the car. #chewybar."

"Family cheesin #flyfam."

"Kisses with my sweet baby at daddy's event #family #myworld."

"With my bestie at lunch."

"With my girl."

"I assumed she would stop once she was caught."

Jessie captioned this photo with a series of vacation emoji.

"U know what time it is."

"Having a very productive morning."

"Just chillin' with some chicken on the go."

"My babies on our last vacation before our other baby comes! #vacationmemories #tilnexttime."

"#flashbackfriday Viv last week enjoying some ice cream."

"Viv and I are having breakfast and she notices on my shirt it's her dada while I was already videoing her to send to her dada anyway and I caught it, she is so smart!! The crazy thing is he's in uniform. Can't even see his face! (Yes I sleep in t-shirts with his pic on it lol). Let's just say I sent this video to dada and it made his morning."

"Vivi photo bomb! Yes the car was in park and we were getting out :)."

"OMG how precious is this."


"It's snack time . . . why wouldn't one laugh out loud about it and throw their foot up on the table like a straight g."

"She reaches for my belly and says 'ooooooh' in a loving way."

"Missin this guy!! Only a couple more weeks!! #camplife #misshimlikecrazy #bestdadever when you come home finally lets turn the #lightsdownlow I'm so lame but had to."

"Bed heads."

"My fav people in the world and of course my sweet boy in my tummy who will be coming any day now (Viv chewin on her Sophie giraffe)."

"Well it started off with daddy getting a massage and work done. But Vivi demanded we massage her too."

"Pumpkin smooch."

"How @edeck87 prepares for game day."

Little Vivianne looked fierce in this shot with her mom.

"Family shot! Except little Eric got cut out in his front carrier ."

"Cozy day with my babies :) waiting for dada's game to come on!!"