15 Supercute Photos of Jim Parsons That Will Make You Shout, "Bazinga!"

Jim Parsons has been on our radar since his 2007 debut as Sheldon Cooper in the CBS hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory. His silly onscreen persona is the perfect match for his sweeter-than-pie personality off screen, and it's probably why he's one of the most relatable actors in Hollywood. Earlier this year, Jim, whose full name is James Joseph Parsons, married his boyfriend of 15 years, Todd Spiewak, and the two could not have looked more adorable. Read on to see 15 other times Jim was a total babe on Instagram.

Just look at his adorable face.

It's impossible not to love him.

He's just so cute and cuddly.

Even with a fake beard, he's a real Prince Charming.

So. Freakin'. Cute!

This piece of cake isn't worthy.

. . . OK, we were wrong.

Jim, can we be your muse?

King of making glasses look sexy.

We're SHOOK.

Yup, everything great is from Texas.

How we feel inside whenever we see Jim's handsome face.