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Keke Palmer Takes Vanity Fair's Lie Detector Test

Y'all Need to Hear Keke Palmer's Hot Take on Ghosting and Relationships: "Trust a Virgo"

There's no denying that a part of Keke Palmer's charm is her honesty. So when the 26-year-old actress recently sat down with Vanity Fair to take a lie detector test, there wasn't any question about how truthful she'd be — excuse me, just how hilariously honest she'd be. As it turns out, her knack for being comically upfront shone through during the test.

The Hustlers star was questioned about a series of topics, including her early Nickelodeon career and her friendship with Ariana Grande. But perhaps the funniest moment came when she recalled the time her friend didn't approve of someone she was dating. "I had a friend before tell me that they didn't like my significant other," she said. "I told my friend she needed to mind her damn business . . . girl. That was crazy." Keke also revealed her hot take on ghosting, and let's just say she's not against cutting people off. Above, watch Keke (who insists you can "trust a Virgo") ace the lie detector exam!

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