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Jennifer Lopez Rapping Cardi B's "Money" Video

Watch Jennifer Lopez and Keke Palmer Rap Cardi B's "Money" For a Group of NYC Tourists

Jennifer Lopez Rapping Cardi B's "Money" Video
Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz

A group of unsuspecting tourists were in for a treat when Jennifer Lopez and Keke Palmer jumped aboard their double-decker bus on Monday afternoon. The Hustlers actresses surprised fans and treated them to a sing-along of costar Cardi B's hit single "Money" as they cruised through the NYC streets.

It's no surprise that Lopez has the lyrics on lock since: A) the song is featured prominently in the incredible Hustlers trailer and B) her song "Dinero" (which she also sang with Cardi) sends a similar message. When Lopez talks, sings, or raps about money, I listen — just one look at her net worth and you'll understand why.

Lopez leads the Hustlers cast, which is made up of Palmer, Cardi, and several other talented actresses, including Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu, and Julia Stiles. The movie's plot is based on a true story and follows former strippers as they con their Wall Street clients out of thousands of dollars. Lopez and Palmer gave their new tourist friends a sneak peek of the film on Sept. 9, but the rest of us will have to wait until Sept. 13 to see all the drama go down.

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