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MTV's Ghosted: Love Gone Missing Show Trailer

MTV's Ghosted Looks Messy and Dramatic, So I'll Be Watching Every Single Episode

MTV's new show Ghosted: Love Gone Missing is going to be a trip. Have you ever been ghosted? Have you ever wanted to track down the ghost with a camera crew and former Bachelorette star, and force them to tell you why they left you hanging? In the new Catfish-style reality series, actor and on-air personality Travis Mills links up with Rachel Lindsay — the first black Bachelorette — to help a handful of people who have been tortured by a lover's disappearing act by finding the ghost and sitting them down face-to-face to hash out what went wrong. If that sounds a tad obsessive, and possibly also an invasion of privacy, I can see how you got there!

As someone who loves Catfish to a near-disturbing degree, I am admittedly intrigued by this show — after all, when has confronting someone who clearly doesn't want to talk to you ever gone wrong? Also, the trailer is such a dramatic mess (lots of sobbing, screaming, and buddy-cop-style antics!) that I truly have no choice but to tune in. Ghosted: Love Gone Missing premieres with back-to-back episodes on Sept. 10, and if you need me, I'll be on my couch with a giant bowl of popcorn.

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