Meghan Markle Proudly Wore a Pasta Necklace Given to Her by a Cute Kid

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had no shortage of sweet interactions with kids during their trip to Australia, but the most recent one might just top them all. While greeting the crowds along Government House Drive in Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens, Meghan spotted a young boy named Gavin who was holding a sign saying "I made you a necklace." Crouching down to meet him, she happily accepted the handmade gift and put it on immediately.

According to, Gavin made the necklace from pasta dipped in gold paint, and while it's worlds away from Meghan's usual accessory choices (which often come courtesy of Princess Diana's jewelry box), we reckon she pulls off the statement piece perfectly. Meghan continued to wear it as she and Harry worked the crowds, shaking hands and dishing out hugs in their continued efforts to wave goodbye to old-fashioned royal protocol. Take a closer look at her very special accessory ahead.