Lady Gaga's New Song Might Be a Little Cheesy, but It's Her Most Important One Yet

Lady Gaga is one of the many celebrities dedicating their platforms to imploring fans to vote in the upcoming election. In her latest Instagram post on Oct. 15, the "Rain On Me" singer did what she does best and adorably performed a slightly corny yet very important song about voting. Gaga's latest tune provides a crucial reminder to register to vote for those who have yet to do so and encourages fans to visit if they need additional help with voter registration or voting by mail.

"They'll help you register / Inform you how to vote / Help tell you where to go / I know some of you still don't know," she hilariously sang. As she said herself, the catchy tune is admittedly a little cheesy, but certainly vocalizes a major message. With less than a month left until Election Day, voter registration deadlines are approaching in many states (and it's already passed in others), so if you have yet to register, allow Gaga's words to urge you to do so ASAP.

If you're all set to vote and planning on heading to the polls, the single also reminds you to know exactly where you need to go and what to bring. Particularly, if you're a first-time voter or voting in a new state, the process can be confusing, so it's always a good idea to be prepared. Take Gaga's advice and make sure to cast your vote: "Don't give up . . . it's important your voice is heard!" Listen to the full song above.