Lauren Conrad's 2018 Halloween Costume Is For the Birds . . . Literally

Lauren Conrad is without a doubt one of the queens of Halloween costumes, and this year, her crown takes the form of crows. On Thursday, the author and designer revealed her costume for this year, and it's a throwback to Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 film The Birds. Donning bird hair ornaments and faint red streaks, Lauren is channeling the protagonist of the movie, Melanie Daniels, and the scene in which Melanie is brutally overcome by a horde of bloodthirsty birds.

Lauren describes the costume on her website, writing, " As seen on the movie poster, my costume depicts the famous bird attack that leaves Ms. Daniels terrified and full of bird scratches." She also dressed her 1-year-old son Liam in an adorable bird costume to complete the homage. If you want to re-create this gorgeously gory look, you can follow Lauren's DIY instructions on her blog.