LeBron James Is Terrifying as Pennywise, but It's His Dance Moves That Are Killer

Standing at 6'8" from St. Vincent — St. Mary High School from Akron, Ohio, iiiiiiit's LeBron James Pennywise! On Monday, LeBron transformed into the terrifying clown from It at the Cleveland Cavaliers annual Halloween party, and no one was safe — not even the dance floor. While Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union went as Milli Vanilli, and Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian donned Game of Thrones costumes, it was LeBron's unrecognizable ensemble that left the party in tears.

Not only was LeBron decked from head to toe in spot-on clown attire, but he tore up the dance floor like it was nobody's business, making this muscular Pennywise *slightly* less scary. Read on to see some of the hilarious footage of LeBron at the Halloween party, and check out more of this year's celebrity Halloween costumes here. . . if you dare!