Lizzo Says She Plans on Being With Boyfriend Myke Wright For "the Rest of My Life"

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Lizzo is feeling the love. In a Dec. 13 appearance on "The Howard Stern Show," the "Special" singer opened up about boyfriend Myke Wright, telling Stern, "Don't waste your time, honey. I am very much in love with Myke." She went on to make it clear just how serious their relationship is, adding, "There's nobody else I'm going to be with for the rest of my life."

She also told Stern a bit about the early days of her relationship with Wright, a stand-up comedian and actor. "In the past, we were friends. I had a lot of sh*t to do, and I still was very much in my 'I feel unloveable' place, and I still was very much not where I wanted to be career-wise," she said. "I have always, since I was a teenager, put my career in front of any relationship, any person. Even if a person came around that I was googly gaga about, I had these wild defenses up that made it almost impossible for a true intimate relationship to occur. It was all very surface with anyone."

But once they started dating, Lizzo said, everything changed. "When the time was right, we came together, and we just recently were like, 'Oh, we together. This is official,'" she said. "We're not playing any games with each other anymore. We're very much locked in."

This isn't the first time Lizzo has opened up about her affection for Wright. In a July interview with the radio show Breakfast Club, she got real about everything from her new relationship with Wright to how she learned to be more open about love. And according to the Grammy Award–winning singer, she's come a long way when it comes to her love life.

"I definitely have the most genuine people around me," she said. "They don't give a sh*t about 'Lizzo' with the chain on. Everyone I'm close with has known me before all of this happened, and I think that's important. Even the man I'm with, he knew me before all of this too. We were friends. It hit different when they knew you before 2019."

Lizzo and Wright were first linked in January, before the "About Damn Time" singer confirmed they were dating in an April 18 appearance on SiriusXM's "Andy Cohen Live." When Cohen asked her if dating was difficult due to her star status, the singer got candid about her dating life. "If you have the right person, no, not at all, it's not even a factor," she said. "It should be mutually supportive no matter what the person does."

In the "Breakfast Club" interview, Lizzo also shared that love saved her life — just not in the way you might expect. "I think 'saving your life' doesn't always mean you was about to die and somebody saved you," she said. "'Saving your life' can also mean your life was headed in one direction, and now it's going in this direction, which is a much better, healthier, safer, happier place, because of love." She went on to speak about what her life looked like before she allowed more love in.

"'Saving your life' can also mean your life was headed in one direction, and now it's going in this direction, which is a much better, healthier, safer, happier place, because of love."

"I think I was going towards a really lonely, anxious place in my life, especially after becoming a celebrity and everything, and feeling isolation from my friends and family, because I was like, 'damn, I'm a burden,'" she explained. All of the sudden work and fame sent her spiraling into a period of deep loneliness that she didn't quite know how to handle at first.

"I wasn't letting anyone in, and I wasn't letting anyone help me, and I learned that love is there," she said. It was Lizzo's therapist who helped her have a breakthrough, encouraging her to let people be there for her because they genuinely want to be. "If you don't let people love you, no one's going to love you, and you'll prove yourself right when you say, 'no one loves me,'" Lizzo said.

"I started to look around and be like, 'Let me accept their love,' you know? Accept them for who they are. And let their love be good enough. And I have just been covered in love." This includes Wright, whom she went Instagram official with in June at a red carpet event for her Amazon Prime reality series, "Lizzo's Watch Out For the Big Grrrls."

But Lizzo's definition of love transcends her relationship status. "Love is a precious element, like gold. unbreakable and unconditional," she wrote on her Instagram last Valentine's Day. "Redefine what being in love feels and looks like. Help a stranger, call a friend, hype yourself up. I'm praying you attract the love you deserve."