Meghan Markle Just Gave Her First Royal Tour Speech, and It Was Inspiring as Hell

Meghan Markle just hit another milestone: she delivered her first royal tour speech! Following their arrival in Fiji, Meghan and Prince Harry paid a special to the University of the South Pacific on Wednesday. The Duchess of Sussex spoke about the importance of college and how the cost of it affected her when she was younger.

"Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to receive the education they want, but more importantly the education they have the right to receive. And for women and girls in developing countries, this is vital," Meghan told the students. "When girls are given the right tools to succeed, they can create incredible futures, not only for themselves, but also for those around them."

Meghan then announced two new grants that support female staff members at the university. "My husband Harry and I wish you all the very best of luck as you continue your studies and your work," Meghan said. "Your efforts now will help to make a positive future for each of you and your communities at large."

Meghan is the second British royal bride to have ever attended college (Kate Middleton is the first). After graduating from a private Catholic school in LA, Meghan attended Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, where she earned a bachelor's degree and double majored in theater and international studies in 2003.