Meryl Streep Gave Her Famous Meme an Update — Please Never Stop Shouting, OK?

She may be nominated for more Oscars than any actor ever, but Meryl Streep has a new record to uphold, and that's the queen of memes at award shows. Who could forget the actress's now-iconic screaming meme that took place during the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards?! Well, the scream machine is back and better than ever, making an appearance during Sunday night's Oscars and officially claiming its position as the best meme of the night. It's obvious that Meryl and only Meryl is worthy of reviving her own meme, because no one shouts as gracefully as she does! Read on to see all of the hilarious comparisons of the meme scream queen in all of her glory, and never stop yelling, Meryl.