Miley Cyrus Recalls the Exact Day She Decided to Divorce Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is taking a moment to reflect on her divorce. In the weeks following the release of her emotional new single, "Used to Be Young," Cyrus has shared numerous revelations in a series of videos posted to her TikTok account. In one video, for example, the singer playfully pointed out a photo that indicated she was bisexual before she publicly shared her sexuality. In another, she revealed she used the majority of her "Bangerz" Tour salary to pay for the stage design. Now, the singer is opening up about her highly publicized divorce from Liam Hemsworth, which was finalized in 2020.

"The day of the show was the day that I had decided that it was no longer going to work in my life to be in that relationship."

"I just want to slow down. I have to slow down, 'cause this is actually serious," Cyrus said as she scrolled through a tablet filled with photos to spark conversation. Presented with a photo of herself at Glastonbury Festival in 2019, Cyrus explained that the day of the music festival was the same day she and Hemsworth decided to separate: "So Glastonbury was in June, which was when the decision had been made that me and Liam's commitment to being married really came from, of course, a place of love first because we've been together for 10 years but also from a place of trauma and just trying to rebuild as quickly as we could."

While many remember her Glastonbury set as one of her most memorable live performances, Cyrus said she associates that specific date with her split from Hemsworth. She continued, "The day of the show was the day that I had decided that it was no longer going to work in my life to be in that relationship."

Cyrus and Hemsworth began dating in 2009 while filming "The Last Song" and carried on an on-again, off-again relationship over the next decade. In 2018, after multiple tumultuous engagements, they tied the knot. Less than one year after getting married, the couple publicly announced their separation.

"Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time," a representative for Cyrus said in a statement immediately following the news, according to People. "Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what's best while they both focus on themselves and careers. They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart. Please respect their process and privacy."

Looking back, Cyrus said the moment was a learning experience and inspired her to put her personal relationships before her work moving forward. "That was another moment where the work, the performance, the character came first, and I guess that's why it's now so important to me for that to not be the case, that the human comes first," she said.

Following their breakup, Hemsworth has been romantically linked to Gabriella Brooks. Meanwhile, Cyrus explored various relationships with Kaitlynn Carter, Cody Simpson, and Maxx Morando, the latter of whom she has been dating since December 2021.