Nikki Reed Can't Stop Staring at Her "Gorgeous" Engagement Ring

Nikki Reed was photographed wearing a sparkly band on her left hand last month that looked like a bauble from her fiancé, Ian Somerhalder, but now we have a look at her real engagement ring! The stunning diamond-encrusted ring was on display during the couple's afternoon outing in Atlanta on Feb. 3. Nikki and Ian ran errands together but took a break from their tasks to show adorable PDA near their car. We've come to expect sweet kisses and laughs from the duo, who happily share their love for each other at public events and even on Instagram. The duo started dating last Summer and shared news of their engagement in January.

Nikki recently opened up about her new bling from Ian, telling People, "It's so gorgeous, and I'm very lucky for many reasons, but I look at it every day and just think, 'Wow.' I don't even know what to say. Is that not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your whole life?" She went on to share, "Love is love, and people see it, and they feel it, and everyone's really attracted to that idea. As much as we want to expose as much of that as we can, we also just really want to keep some things for us and our family."