Omar Epps Was Unfairly Sexy in the '90s, and You Better Believe He's Still Got It

Where does one even begin when talking about Omar Epps? The actor, most notable for his roles in movies like Love & Basketball and TV shows like House, was a major heartthrob back in the day, and his sexiness is still very much a thing. The 44-year-old was everywhere in the '90s (think Juice, Scream 2, Higher Learning, and so on), and our childhood crush has thankfully carried over into adulthood. While nothing will ever quite compare to his role as Quincy McCall in Love & Basketball (seriously, that movie . . . don't get me started because I will never stop), Omar has continued to act (and steal our hearts) over the years. Keep reading for some of his sexiest moments, but be warned: your love will probably plunge into new, unknown dEPPS (OK, bye).