Prince Harry Revealed Whether He Wants a Baby Boy or Girl, and Now I'm an Emotional Mess

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to be parents! While on their 16-day tour of Australia, the famous royals have dropped a few hints about their newest addition, and Harry's latest revelation left us in a puddle of emotion on the floor.

On Sunday, Harry attended an Invictus Games cycling event solo while Meghan rested, after cutting down her tour schedule. While he walked, a member of the crowd told the prince she hopes he has a girl, to which Harry replied, "So do I!" Harry and Meghan have been tight-lipped so far about the sex of their baby, but this small admission is absolutely precious. We already know Meghan's reportedly saving a special accessory for her future daughter, but whether the couple has a boy or girl, it's sure to be royally loved.

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