After Sterling K. Brown's Moving Golden Globes Speech, People Want Him to Win Every Award

Between his lovable onscreen persona as This Is Us's Randall Pearson and his devoted family man lifestyle IRL, we didn't think we could crush on actor Sterling K. Brown any harder. But then he walked up on stage to accept his historic 2018 Golden Globe for best actor in a TV drama, and his powerful speech about representation in Hollywood showed us that yes, it is possible to love him even more.

The internet agrees, of course. Between the oh-so-relatable move of whispering Oprah Winfrey's name in awe — we would do the same thing! — and his impassioned story about why writing characters for people of color is more valuable than "color-blind casting," viewers were moved by Sterling's words. And when he promised his kids that he'd be home to drop them off at school in the morning? Consider that the home run for the internet's adoration of Sterling. Just check out these reactions to the speech, then feast your eyes on Sterling's dapper red carpet look.