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Sam Claflin and Beth Behrs Try to Spot UK or US Accent

These Actors' Fake UK and US Accents Are So Shockingly Good — They Got Us Fooled

As someone who's lived in both the UK and the US by proxy (I'm from Canada), I thought I could easily spot a genuine British or American accent — but did James Corden prove me wrong.

On The Late Late Show, Corden invited American Beth Behrs (Two Broke Girls) and British Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games) to spot the difference between a native Brit and a true American. With five actors standing before them, Behrs and Claflin first guessed the difference based on looks alone. They quickly used indicators like if someone looked posh (Brit) versus if they had strong sneaker game (American). Then, they asked each actor to speak a few lines in either a British or American accent and judged, by how authentic sounding each person's accent was, if they were from the UK or USA — and boy, were they, and we, absolutely fooled.

Before we give too much away, watch the video yourself, because you'll be so stunned at how good these are. We're still in shock about number four.

Image Source: Youtube
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