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Beth Behrs Diet and Exercise

Beth Behrs of 2 Broke Girls Dishes on Her Best Diet and Exercise Tips

Tomorrow morning in San Francisco, runners (including us!) will race across the Golden Gate Bridge and back for the Run 10 Feed 10 event, raising money to feed the hungry. We spoke with one of the stars of 2 Broke Girls, Beth Behrs, who's hosting the race; although Beth is a runner herself, she can't run tomorrow due to a hip injury incurred while training for a half marathon. While she might not be able to run, Beth is still flying in to support and host an incredible event, benefiting an even more incredible cause that she's so passionate about.

Despite her injury, this active actress still loves her healthy, fit lifestyle, and has found "many other ways to get that runner's high!" We asked Beth how she's been working out and recovering from her injury, all her dieting tips (including an awesome smoothie recipe), how she feels about gym selfies, and what she's most excited about for this race in the Bay. Here's our quick chat with badass blond bombshell Beth Behrs.

POPSUGAR: What are some of your favorite ways to cross-train now that running's not in the picture?

Beth Behrs: I'm a big fan of changing it up. I love going to Barry's Bootcamp so I can do short-distance running, and then definitely anything with weights and circuit training I love! Then boxing; I find that when I box, I get kind of the same runner's high that I got when I was a longer distance runner. I like ballet and Pilates, too. I'm a big fan of working out in general!

PS: Do you have a favorite class or style of exercise?

BB: I just started swimming, which I thought would be really boring, because I'm usually more of a fast, contact-sports person, but to be honest, it's one of the most meditative workouts. I love yoga, too, but with the swimming you get that cardio high that you get running, but it's also super meditative because you're in the water, you're alone, and you can't really hear anything! So I've actually been doing that, and I've noticed a big change in my body; I feel like swimming is basically resistance training in the water, plus cardio, so you're getting a double workout, which is great!

"When I box, I get kind of the same runner's high that I got when I was a longer distance runner."

It is SO HARD, too! After like 300 meters, I was dying! I could barely move my arms, I was out of breath . . . it was great! It's been great! I was intimidated [at first], but I'm rocking it now.

I'm blond, so my hair turning green is always a concern. I Googled this product — Philip Kingsley Swimcap conditioning product from the UK. I put that on and wet my hair before I even put on my actual swimming cap.

PS: What training tips do you have for beginners?

BB: Start super, super slow; I find with myself that I tend to get down on myself if I get busy or if I've started a workout that I really want to continue but then life gets in the way. Start slow, and don't beat yourself up if you don't get to the gym.

If you've never done hardcore running, cardio, or if you're not physically prepared for it, take a private or beginning yoga class on YouTube for free, or just walk to get your heart rate up in the beginning, and then work up slowly, because you don't want to get injured!

PS: How do you keep a healthy, balanced diet?

BB: This is the hardest for me because I love food and wine! I'm a huge foodie and a huge wino. I've found that the 80/20 rule is really healthy. If you want pizza at night, but you ate healthy all day, I'm all about moderation and not starving yourself and being able to indulge when you want to. If you love food, you love artistic food, and you're into chefs and all that like I am (and you like wine), you shouldn't deprive yourself.

A trick that I've found recently that's been helping is smaller meals throughout the day, so even if I do indulge at dinner, I'm not eating as big of a portion.

I do a humongous smoothie with two green apples, one cucumber, four celery stalks, a squeeze of lemon juice, a handful of spinach, and then a whole liter water. I carry that with me on set all day because it's super hydrating, it's really healthy, and it keeps you full in between meals. On set, sometimes I only have time to grab hummus and carrots or almonds here and there, but I think also drinking that [smoothie] at the same time helps when I'm super busy.

"If you want pizza at night, but you ate healthy all day, you shouldn't deprive yourself."

Also, preparing meals the night before — I know it's a pain in the ass, but it's really worth it. If I'm on set and they've all ordered pizza and I don't have anything from home that is really delicious for me to eat, then I'm gonna eat the pizza! So being prepared is so worth the extra 20-30 minutes. You can make chicken!

PS: Thoughts on taking a selfie before or after a workout?

BB: I'm all for it! Don't spend so much time on it that you're cutting into your workout! But the more real, the better! I would do it post-workout when you're super sweaty. I just posted a selfie in the pool where I look like such a nerd with my goggles and swim cap, but I'm real about it, you know what I mean? [laughs] I'm all for it, as long as you're not blocking a machine someone's trying to use!

PS: What's one thing you're looking forward to most from Run 10 Feed 10 tomorrow?

BB: I just love the cause; my mom's a teacher and has worked all over the country at different schools throughout her career, but the one thing she sees in so many different communities is that there are so many people starving in America, and we don't think about it. But it's a really big problem, and for a lot of kids their only meals that they get are at school. That cause is the most exciting for me.

And that it's in the Bay Area, that's where I grew up and I went to high school there, so I get to see my parents and be in my home city, which is really nice!

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