Shakira's Birth Chart Reveals Why 2023 Has Become Her Year

Getty | Mike Marsland
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz
Getty | Mike Marsland
Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz

Some might say that 2022 was not Shakira's year. It was a difficult time for the Colombian songstress after she discovered that her romantic partner of 11 years and father of her two children, Barcelona soccer athlete Gerard Piqué, had been cheating on her with another woman. To make matters more challenging, add in some tax-fraud troubles that she also experienced, and you have what some may call a year from hell.

But since Shakira's breakup from Piqúe, she has come back stronger and more resilient than ever. The artist has put out back-to-back singles that have broken numerous records, including "Monotonía," which had the biggest debut ever for a woman on Spotify in Mexico and Colombia. Her famous diss track "BZRP Music Sessions, Vol.53" from January debuted at No.9 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, making her the first woman to reach the top 10 on the chart with a song in Spanish. It was also the most-streamed Latin track in 24 hours in Spotify history and the most viewed Latin track on YouTube in 24 hours with 63 million views, breaking 14 Guinness World Records. This year, Shakira was also honored at Billboard and Telemundo's first-ever Mujeres en la Música (Latin Women in Music) event with the Woman of the Year award. Her latest single, "Copa Vacia" with fellow Colombian singer Manuel Turizo, debuted at No. 4 on Billboard's Latin Pop Airplay chart.

From gracefully moving on from a long-term relationship to sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, Shakira is living proof that "women don't cry anymore — they cash in." Money woes for the mother of two will be a ghost of the past once the nodal axis of Taurus and Scorpio completes this year. The singer is fx ar from done when it comes to translating life into art. Expect her music and money to level up thanks to her natal Venus in Aries being blessed well into 2024 by way of the cosmos. Can Shakira keep this momentum going? Yes. The planets are revealing there's more success that she has yet to skyrocket into orbit. Shakira's natal chart is that of a powerhouse, and you can't deny when someone has authentic talent not only musically, but as translated by their birth chart. Here's what the future astrology is sharing about Shakira, read on to show solidarity for your favorite loba!

Shakira is an Aquarius Sun

The sun sign is what's known as the primary zodiac sign you would center your horoscope on. This is your main zodiac sign that you likely are already familiar with simply based on your birth date. It's called the sun sign not only because it literally represents the location in which the sun was stationed during your time of birth, but it signifies more than that. It details your power and strengths. The sun sign is where you naturally generate energy and momentum. Your sun sign gives privy to how you operate in your happiest and highest version of self.

Being born on Feb. 2 makes Shakira an Aquarius. She's unique and a creative genius. Aquarius is the energy of the astrologer, meaning, any Aquarius person will naturally have a connection to the cosmos and feel inclined to connect with spirituality and philosophy. This placement allows her to tap into global success because Aquarius rules the eleventh house in astrology, which governs global impact and long-standing influence. On top of this already blessed position, her actual sun sign placement is in the 11th house, which is the natural ruler of Aquarius, making her sun sign positively placed and amplified, bestowing upon her guaranteed influence and prominence for the entirety of her life.

Shakira is a Cancer Moon

Everyone has a moon sign placement on their birth charts. This is a pretty vulnerable placement. Your moon sign can land in any zodiac sign and oftentimes won't be in the same sign as your sun position unless you were born on a new moon lunar transit. This position tells us about your marital affairs, emotional expression, relationship with women, and motherhood, and provides insight into the intuitive abilities of the individual.

As a Cancer moon, Shakira takes motherhood seriously. She's a natural nurturer and is likely a very giving person in all of her interpersonal relationships. This also makes her susceptible to savior-martyr dynamics and a need to identify when relationships might cross her boundaries. The moon is a passive planet and in Cancer, she is learning in this lifetime how to also assert her needs. Equally, this position can sometimes make the person play a motherly role to a romantic partner. Ladies, as J Lo would say, "I ain't your mama." From a professional capacity, having a Cancer moon enables Shakira to be artistic and moody. It makes sense considering she began her career as a rockera. And all that talk about a jam jar outing Piqué's cheating comes from her natural claircognizant ability from her Cancer moon.

Shakira is an Aries Rising

The rising sign is a placement that is always featured on the left side of your natal chart foretelling how you navigate the world. It's sometimes referred to as the ascendant in astrology. This placement is significant because you can learn a lot about how someone strives to achieve and assert themselves.

Shakira is an Aries rising. This position along with her Venus in Aries are huge reasons why she came out on top honorably and backed by tremendous loyal fan support amidst her messy love drama. Her natal Venus is conjunct with her rising sign, which tells us she's a feminist at her core, and music is her first love. Venus rules feminism and art. It's also indicative of having strong female allies or in this case, receiving intensified support from female fanbases who will always help her get through troubled times. In 2023 and 2024, you can expect Shakira's music to receive several accolades. She might even decide to step more into fashion. Do we see Shakira following Kim Kardashian's shoes and becoming the next big face of a fashion house? Absolutely.

She's Having Her Jupiter Return

She has a natal Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of blessings, prosperity, and rewards. Until 2024, Shakira will continue to experience her Jupiter return, similar to our beloved Pedro Pascal, which is why these two are getting so much love and support. A Jupiter return is when you are blessed with the planet returning back into your chart where it was when you were born. It occurs every twelve years and you can expect big opportunities around such times. In this case, things are only going to get bigger and better for Shakira. She could land some big awards and achievements.

This is occurring in her second house of ownership, money, values, and art. Her next album is likely going to break many records. Don't be surprised when she sweeps the Latin Grammys or Grammys and all other award shows. She could even land big headliner performances or contracts for big cultural moments. Superbowl, again? Why not!

The move from Spain to Miami, Florida was a huge life transition for her and the boys. When an eclipse aspects someone's rising sign, and in this case it is for Shakira, it can result in transformative new chapters. These transformations can manifest in the forms of job changes, relocations, and endings of relationships. A move to the US from Europe felt subconsciously like the right choice for her and it's not surprising considering she's going through a personal revolution thanks to the Aries eclipse that transpired on May 5, 2023.

She Has a Libra North Node and Relationships Are Key to Her Success

The north node is a position in the chart that details where your life purpose resides. It's your good karma you need to activate and receive this lifetime. It also shares further strengths you will develop.

Her Libra north node tells us relationships are a primary focus for her. She loves to be in love and feels she operates better with a partner. This is placed in her 7th house of marriage and partnerships. A lot of her success or increase in reputation comes through her alliances both romantic and platonic. Although she isn't looking for love at the moment, her natal chart has other plans in mind. It's very likely she can get into a new relationship in 2024. This new relationship will pick up very fast and has major potential to lead to a marriage for her. With who? Only time will tell.

Her Libra north node in her 7th house tells us that a marriage would be impactful and monumental in her success this lifetime. Not that she needs leverage from another person. More so, this marriage will align her with a partner that is equal to her in morals and status. Piqué in his own right was a celebrity. But her next romance will be balanced, easy-going, and long-lasting. She could likely date a musician next thanks to the Libra eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023, opening up room for her to explore love again.

The sour ending of her relationship with Piqué is giving her a lot of ammunition to create some of the best storytelling through her music to date. And we're here for it.

October 2023 is a Major Month of Success for Shakira

Since there are two eclipses happening back-to-back in the month of October in zodiac signs that Shakira has major placements in, we're predicting October to be her full circle moment. There's a Libra solar eclipse on Oct. 14 and a Taurus lunar eclipse on Oct. 29. Expect Shakira to be in the headlines for recognition of her artistry. Congratulations, Shakira! Lo mereces. You deserve all the good karma in the world. Go get your awards and stack your money, honey!