Shirtless Chris Pratt Is Truly a Gift to Us All

It's easy to love Chris Pratt — especially when he's shirtless. Over the past few years, the sexy star has gotten into superhero shape, showing off his hot body both on screen and off. From his ab-baring moments in Guardians of the Galaxy to his unforgettable gym selfies, take a look at Chris Pratt's sexiest shirtless pictures through the years, then see some of his most charming moments in GIFs.

Team Coco

Back in 2012, Chris Pratt got into incredible shape for his role in Zero Dark Thirty, and he showed off a picture of his ripped body during an appearance on Conan.

The actor took to Instagram in 2013 to show off his buff body as he trained for Guardians of the Galaxy. "Six months no beer," he wrote, adding, "Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me." Well, thank you, Chris's brother.


Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, who could forget his sexy shirtless moments on screen?


And, of course, here's a gratutitous back shot.

Everett Collection

Gosh, we just can't get enough.


OK, he's not technically shirtlesss here, but he's almost there, and just look at those abs.


And last but not least, let's just appreciate this wonderful Andy Dwyer moment from Parks and Recreation.