Simu Liu Addresses Seemingly Awkward Red Carpet Exchange With Ryan Gosling

Simu Liu is clearing the air about his relationship with Ryan Gosling. On July 26, the actor addressed a tense-looking red carpet encounter with his "Barbie" costar that went viral on social media this week. Though fans were quick to assume there's some sort of beef between the actors, it appears all is well in Barbieland.

"I'd beach off with this Kenadian again in a heartbeat," Liu wrote on Instagram Stories alongside a photo of him and Gosling smiling together in pastel suits on the red carpet. "He is the best human in every way, especially when he jokes around with us on the carpet and on set, infecting all of us with his kenergy." Liu concluded his message with a note about the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, which began a few weeks after their exchange took place. "Now let's get back to the issues that matter, like supporting our striking actors and writers fighting for fair wages!" he wrote.

In the resurfaced clip, Liu and Gosling are posing side by side at a "Barbie" press event in Toronto in June when Liu tries to put one arm around his costar's waist. Gosling looks down at his arm and says something under his breath, prompting Liu to drop his arm, step back, and respond, "It's too tender you think? Fair enough." The pair of Kens proceed to pose for the cameras with their hands in their pockets. The footage quickly gained traction on Twitter, with one user tweeting, "Oh I'd literally never show my face again" alongside the video.

You asked for it! Here's the full clip of Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu interacting on the #Barbie movie red carpet in Toronto 💕 The Kenmance is strong 💪

— Etalk (@etalkCTV) July 26, 2023

At the same June event in Canada, Gosling and Liu spoke to whether their offscreen relationship is more akin to a bromance or rivalry. (For those who haven't seen "Barbie" yet, their characters have quite the funny feud.) "It's definitely a rivalry," Liu joked to Etalk, adding, "I know it's not polite for two Canadians to have that kind of relationship." Gosling responded, "I have nothing but admiration for Simu. His Kenergy is so strong. I admire his Kenergy."

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Liu praised Gosling's dancing skills, further squashing any perceived bad blood. "Never write off 'The Gos,'" the 34-year-old said. "You've seen videos of him dancing in 'The Mickey Mouse Club.' He's still got it. You don't just lose that feeling in your bones." Looks like these Kens won't be beaching off IRL any time soon.