Simu Liu Praises Ryan Gosling's "Barbie" Dancing: "Never Write Off 'The Gos' . . . He's Still Got It"

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"Barbie" star Simu Liu is happy he can finally tell the world all about his Ken. Up until Warner Bros. released all the "Barbie" character posters back in April, Liu, 34, and many of his castmates — which include Issa Rae, Michael Cera, Hari Nef, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, and many more — had to keep their roles a secret, much like the plot, which wasn't revealed until May 25. The actor tells POPSUGAR the task was "really hard" to do, especially with fans already clamoring over Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling's Barbie and Ken.

"You've seen videos of him dancing in 'The Mickey Mouse Club.' He's still got it."

"We weren't allowed to say there's more than one Barbie or there was more than one Ken," Liu says. "That was like a big clue about the world that was kept under wraps, I think rightfully so, but for a really, really long time. That was the hard part."

Liu's other big challenge for "Barbie" was keeping up with Gosling's impressive dance skills, though the actor did thoroughly enjoy their dance rehearsals. "Never write off 'The Gos,'" Liu says after joking that he was "easily" the best dancer out of all the "Barbie" Kens. "You've seen videos of him dancing in 'The Mickey Mouse Club.' He's still got it. You don't just lose that feeling in your bones."

Liu also offers a small detail about the mysterious "Kenergy" Gosling has been teasing for months, explaining that the hilarious, fictional attitude "in its purest form is something amazing and awesome." But the actor also playfully warns, "If the wrong decisions are made and there's a type of Kenergy that's a little bit more, shall we say, toxic and not great, that if unleashed into an unsuspecting place like Barbie Land would have serious consequences."

Watch Liu rave more about "Barbie," the movie's dance numbers, and more in the video above.