This Jason Momoa Lookalike Might Turn You Into a Basketball Fan

If a friend texts you and says "FYI, Jason Momoa has a twin and he plays in the NBA," you drop everything and tune in to ESPN. That's how we discovered Jason's seven-foot-tall doppelgänger, Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder. We're not the only ones who've noticed the similarity, either — The Bleacher Report recently included Steven in a sports edition of Game of Thrones cast lookalikes.

The 22-year-old New Zealander could easily pass as Jason's younger brother, especially because they both have intense tribal tattoos on their arms. Jason, who is a massive fan of New Zealand sports — the All Blacks rugby team, specifically — is a few inches shorter than the Thunder center, but their long haircuts and mutual affinity for facial hair definitely add to the resemblance. There's no denying that they're both totally gorgeous!

Here's Jason, for comparison purposes:

So if you're looking to add another tall, strapping islander to your list of celebrity crushes, have a look at Steven Adams on the court. You can also catch him in action at the 2016 NBA Championship, playing the Golden State Warriors — we're looking forward to seeing him face off against the always-adorable Stephen Curry!