Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Made Out on Top of the Colosseum in Rome

Since Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were first spotted making out on a giant rock in Rhode Island on June 19, the new couple has seemingly made it their mission to flaunt their new relationship in every country. With the US down thanks to their New England PDA and a romantic trip to Nashville, the two hopped across the pond to go for a beachside stroll with Tom's mom in the UK, and on Monday they grabbed a quick flight to Rome so they could share a few kisses on top of the Colosseum. Tom and Taylor looked especially head over heels during their jaunt to Italy, which included plenty of hand-holding, photo shoots in ancient ruins, and stolen kisses during dinner. With the number of relationship milestones they've already achieved (meeting the parents, going on double dates with each other's friends), we can hardly believe they've only been dating for two weeks. Check out more from their vacation to Rome!