Aww! Zendaya's Arrival at the Spider-Man Premiere Literally Stopped Tom Holland in His Tracks

To all my hopeless romantics out there, find someone who adores you as much as Tom Holland adores Zendaya. There never seems to be a dull moment with this adorable couple, including a red carpet entrance that nearly stopped time for Tom. During the Los Angeles premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home on Monday, the star couldn't resist the urge to wait for his real-life MJ as she arrived on the red carpet to a crowd of screaming fans.

"I think Zendaya just showed up. That sounds like Zendaya just showed up," he said to Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner. He even paused his interview for a brief moment to look over the sea of people to get a quick glimpse of Zendaya. Both Tom and Nischelle shamelessly gazed from afar to see what the actress was wearing before she headed into the venue. This was just one of many cute exchanges Tom and Zendaya have shared during the Spider-Man press tour, and it's certainly one for the books! Ahead, take a look at the sweet moment when Zendaya literally made Tom pause everything just to get a look at her.

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