Tracee Ellis Ross Dancing to Cicadas on Vacation Is My New Summer Mood

Tracee Ellis Ross is living her best life on vacation — and she's taking in all the nature that the warm weather has to offer. On Wednesday, the 45-year-old actress embraced the incessant sounds of cicadas while flaunting her gorgeous Summer glow, and honestly, we can't get enough of it. For some, the sounds of cicadas might make you want to scream, but we can always count on Tracee to channel her contagious energy and turn it into something as positive as a "nature dance."

"I've decided they have drink shakers and they're making drinks, but they haven't offered any yet," Tracee said in the video. Even if the video were silent, we cannot ignore how incredible Tracee looks in her Marysia white scalloped bikini. I'm taking her bikini, her dance moves, and her ability to age in reverse, and adding it to my shopping cart.