Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Have So Much in Common, They're Like Real Brothers

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have spent 12 seasons as brothers, so it's not surprising the two have become close (they even started a foundation together) — but what's funny is how much they have in common. There are some things you can chalk up to coincidence, like where they're from and their early careers (and also J names that have similar consonance), but as the two guys have spent more years together, it seems like their choices are really rubbing off on one another. It's almost weird, so check out the ways these two costars-turned-friends are starting to seem like brothers off screen as well.


They're Both From Texas

The future Winchester boys had a similar upbringing and hail from the same state: Texas. Jared grew up in San Antonio, while Jensen was born Dallas. Also similarly, their college plans were thwarted by their desire to start their careers, and both left Texas for LA to pursue acting.

They Made Their Mark as Love Interests on Early CW Shows
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They Made Their Mark as Love Interests on Early CW Shows

While Jensen Ackles had a soapier start — he was a regular on long-running daytime drama Days of Our Lives — he transitioned to nighttime dramas with The CW, first as a guest star on Dawson's Creek and then as a love interest for Lana on Smallville. And of course, Jared's big break was as Dean, Rory's first boyfriend on Gilmore Girls. After those roles, both guys would find their long-term home on the network on Supernatural in 2005.

They Both Married Fellow CW Stars
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They Both Married Fellow CW Stars

Besides the fact that Jared and Jensen both got married in the same year — 2010 — they also both married women they met who were also part of their network, The CW. While Jared met his wife, Genevieve, on the set of Supernatural when she guest starred, Jensen met his wife, Danneel, on the set of a movie they did together. Danneel, of course, had her own CW show when she starred as Rachel on One Tree Hill. And what's even cuter is that their wives are best friends!


They Both Have 3 Kids Each

Their similar family styles don't end with their marriages. While both men started having kids around the same time (Jared and Genevieve's first son was born in March 2012, followed by Jensen and Danneel's first daughter in May 2013), they now have the same number of kids: three! Jared's youngest daughter was just born in March, and Jensen and his wife had twins in December 2016!

They're Both Very Musical

They're Both Very Musical

Jared and Jensen are men of many talents, and they both are particularly musical. Jensen has been known to bust out covers of songs, and Jared has been playing the guitar for years.


They Both Live in Austin Now

Remember how both guys are from Texas? Well, because life is funny, it looks like their Hollywood life has led them back. Though Supernatural shoots in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, both men now live in Austin during the hiatus. Jared has talked about always wanting to raise his family in Austin, and Jensen has put down roots in the state by opening a brewery!