5 Things to Know About Grey's Anatomy Breakout Alex Blue Davis

Alex Blue Davis is playing one of many new interns on Grey's Anatomy, and in a recent episode, we discovered that his character, Casey, is transgender. The episode took viewers through a lot of emotions, from Jo's ex showing up, the hospital being hacked, and Maggie turning down Jackson, but the biggest moment is when Casey saves the hospital from hackers and tells Bailey that he is transgender. Now that all eyes are on Casey, here are the facts we could find about the actor who portrays him.

  1. Yes, Alex is really transgender. In an interview with GLAAD, Grey's showrunner Krista Vernoff shared that the casting department wanted a transgender person to play the transgender character. Alex was picked for the role out of many other transgender actors due to his talents and shared that he's so happy that the role isn't just about him being transgender.
  2. He's not new to television. Alex has appeared on NCIS, Two Broke Girls, and more. He also appears on the new Grey's spinoff B-Team, which is about all the new interns and their lives behind the scenes.
  3. He's a musician and singer. Alex sings indie rock and was named as one of the top five up-and-coming solo artists by Music Connect Magazine. Can we say he's a multitalented triple threat? I think so.
  4. He calls LA home. Alex is a born-and-bred Los Angeles native.
  5. Finally, he's humble. When Krista Vernoff was asked how they chose Alex for the role, Alex got super uncomfortable with being bragged about. He states in the same interview that he is really excited to be part of the show and that his role is a "dream role." Let's just add humility to that list of things we love.