5 Things You Didn't Know About Chiara Aurelia, the Star of Freeform's Cruel Summer

Whether we're trying to re-create the iconic '90s outfits or trying to figure out what the hell will happen next, we can't stop thinking about Freeform's new psychological series Cruel Summer. Chiara Aurelia steals the show as Jeanette Turner, who goes through major transformations, from awkward tween to queen bee to the subject of hatred nationwide and the possible accomplice in a kidnapping. We shouldn't be surprised that Chiara's got some serious acting chops; she appeared as Addison on Pretty Little Liars and stars as Rose on Tell Me Your Secrets. But Chiara's not just a versatile actress — she seems super cool in real life, too. While we wait to find out if there will be a second season, let's keep up with the show's stars . . . who thankfully seem to be much closer in real life than they are on screen.

Chiara is super close with Jessica Biel and loves her work.

It sounds like Chiara has great relationships with executive producers Michelle Purple and Jessica Biel, as well as other women involved in the show. Chiara is also a fan of Jessica's work, revealing to ET Canada that she loves The Sinner.

She's good friends with Emily Alyn Lind.

Chiara posted this adorable video for the star of the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot, calling The Babysitter: Killer Queen star Emily an icon. Maybe there will be a Gossip Girl and Cruel Summer collaboration? Let us dream!

Chiara has a pet bunny.

In an interview with In Creative Company, Chiara appeared to get a little distracted by her bunny's noisiness. "I have a bunny and he's drinking water . . . loudly," she said with a laugh.

Chiara MAY have tried to sneak a look at Cruel Summer's last script of the season.

Chiara doesn't know what happens at the end of the season, but she's just as eager as we are! Executive producer Michelle Purple revealed in an interview with SXSW that she caught an actress sneaking into her office to get a copy of the last script. Chiara set the record straight, denying she snuck into anywhere but admitting that the scripts were out on a table and she was tempted. How could she not peek?

Chiara doesn't look at what people say online — but her friends do.

Chiara told Jimmy Fallon that she doesn't check out any Cruel Summer memes or theories on the internet. However, she did reveal that she has "two friends that are obsessed with the show" whom she gets her updates from.